What Does Touch less Car Wash Mean?

A touchless Car Wash means the car will be washed automatically. Car’s need to cross the tunnel where automated systems clean or wash it softly.

Actually, we are not going to get into the “automatic wash yes, automatic wash no” debate today.

We are going to focus on those who position themselves in the first statement to make it clear what you should take into account if you are going to put an automatic car in a car wash.

Self-service car wash

The ‘ self-service car wash is a middle ground between the car wash and hand car wash.

In fact, there are numerous points where you can take advantage of everything you need to quickly clean your car, spending very little.

In the self-service car wash, it will be sufficient to buy the tokens necessary to carry out all the cleaning operations, such as prewash, rinse, rim cleaning, etc…, saving time and effort compared to an operation carried out exclusively by hand.

Dry car wash

The car wash has always been understood as that the car cleaning process that water needs to perform this operation.

It is actually possible to carry out this procedure without the aid of water.

In this case, we speak of dry car cleaning.
This type of car wash is possible thanks to some recently marketed products that do not require rinsing and contain polymers that attack dirt.

These products are water-based and do not damage the bodywork as they contain emulsified waxes, and also do not leave any type of halo.

To carry out the dry car wash it will be sufficient to spray the product on the bodywork and spread it with a microfibre cloth, then wipe the cloth again and obtain an even more thorough cleaning.

According to the Highway Code, dry cleaning of the car is allowed at home, provided that specific products are used.

Steam car wash

Another car wash method that allows a considerable saving of water is the steam car wash.

With this system, the car body will be cleaned brilliantly, without damaging it and without using soaps or other chemical detergents.

Another advantage is the reduction in cleaning times of about 30% compared to traditional car washing and the net reduction in drying times.

Automatic car wash

The last alternative is the automatic car wash. The roller cleaning system has been used for decades but is often viewed with suspicion for fear that the rollers could scratch the bodywork of your car.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, rely on a car wash that has rollers with synthetic fibers able to remove dirt without attacking the bodywork, and that uses quality detergents.

Streetcar wash: prohibited

But where to wash the car? Perhaps not everyone knows that article 15 of the Highway Code establishes that washing the car on the street, but also in private spaces, is illegal: this is because numerous pollutants would inevitably flow into the sewer system (such as soaps and dust that is the deposit on the mechanical parts of the car).

In the case of checks, you risk penalties of up to 100 dollars.

Then be careful if you live in a condominium: numerous condominium regulations, in fact, prohibit the use of water and common areas to wash your car.

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