What are the bars on top of cars called?


What are the bars on top of cars called? The bars that criss-cross and connect to form a frame over the roof of your vehicle are called a “roof rack.”

A roof rack is used for carrying extra gear such as bicycles, skis, or kayaks. The racks can be mounted permanently or folded down when not in use. There are two different types of roof racks: those that mount to the door frames and those that mount onto factory-installed rails.

What are the bars on top of cars called?

They are called roof racks or car racks, but they can transport large and heavy objects.

Can you add roof racks aftermarket?

I get this question a lot, and the answer is yes. You can add roof rails aftermarket. The easiest way to do it is by using a 3M mounting system.

What are roof racks?

bars on top of a car

Roof racks allow you to install accessories on top of your vehicles, such as racks and bike carriers, without drilling holes in your car or modifying its structure in any way.

The most common way people put roof rails on their vehicles is at the front edge of the trunk lid (the area just behind the back seat). If desired, they can also be placed all around the perimeter of your vehicle’s roofline. Roof racks come with brackets that attach them securely to your car’s sheet metal.

Aftermarket, you can add roof racks (see our post here for the best roof racks for a Toyota Prius). However, it is recommended that you have the installation done by a certified mechanic to prevent injuries and ensure the roof rack is attached correctly.

Can you install roof racks on any car?

Do you have to buy a specific type of car to get roof racks for it?

Can you put them on any car, or do they only work with some models? Let’s find out!

First, let’s look at the different types of cars that offer this feature. If we go down the list of popular makes and model years, there are quite a few options: Mercedes-Benz E-Class (2010 – 2018), Audi A4 (2008 – 2020), BMW 3 Series (2012 – 2019), etc.

So yes, these features will be available on many models from these manufacturers. But what if your vehicle is not listed here? Then don’t worry. There are many different options available for every type of vehicle.

Conclusion – what are the bars on top of cars called?

In conclusion, the bars on top of cars are called roof racks. I like roof racks. They are great for hauling items you don’t want inside the vehicle. You can even transport a kayak!