How much overhang can you have on a roof rack?

how much overhang can you have on a roof rack

Have you been wondering how much overhang can you have on a roof rack? You must ensure your roof rack does not exceed the vehicle width. Roof cargo boxes are a popular accessory that allows you to bring additional luggage on a journey. It can assist people traveling on a picnic and vacation transport the necessary materials. These roof cargo racks are used for a variety of purposes.

It’ll also come in handy if you need to bring additional bags on a trip and do not have enough room in the vehicle. Keep reading if you want to find out how much overhang can you have on a roof rack.

Is it possible for a roof cargo box to have overhang?

Yes, a slight overhang is OK, but ensure your roof cargo rack does not overhang excessively. Generally, any extra overhang in the back should be avoided because it may prevent your trunks from opening.

You must be alright as long as the roof box is the perfect size for the car and is secured.

When buying your new roof load rack, get as much data as possible. This will guarantee that you will have complete satisfaction.

Is a little overhang fine?

If you’ve been asking whether or not a roof cargo rack can overhang, you may rest easy. The first factor to consider is that a small amount of overhang is quite acceptable.

You would like to get to your destination without mishap. However, you must ensure to keep everything under check. An excessive overhang might cause some safety concerns when driving along the route. Therefore, it helps to pay attention to how the roof rack is positioned.

Most roof rack variants have a small amount of overhang. This will be a common occurrence. It should not worry you too much.

Double-check that everything is in place and that it appears safe when driving. It’s also good to do a trial run in your area to ensure it’s in working order.

What is the maximum overhang on a roof rack?

It’s referred to as a projected or overhang load when you’re hauling a lengthy cargo that exceeds the size of your car. Each jurisdiction has its own restrictions and limitations on how large these loads can be and requirements for the necessary warning systems required to transport that weight lawfully.

When transporting any projected or overhang loads, contact the local state or territorial roads and transportation authorities to be sure you know the rules.

If you are transporting heavier objects on your roof racks, ensure that the weight is adequately divided over the widths and lengths of the racks and that the things are held safely.

How much overhang can you have on a roof rack?

When it comes to horizontal overhang and how far the crossbars can reach to the left or right side of the vehicle, make sure they don’t exceed the vehicle’s width when the mirror is tucked in.

In some cases, a rear overhang should be avoided.

You understand that a small amount of overhang is OK, but you must consider again about back overhang. A small amount of back overhang will be entirely appropriate in some instances. The issue is that so many cars that individuals use with roof load racks do have a rear opening.

If the roof load rack has any back overhang, it may block the back hatch, making it difficult to open. That’s why placing the roof load rack towards the front of your car instead of the back is always a good idea due to the type of car you have. If you’re driving a car with no back door, a minimal back overhang isn’t going to hurt you. Follow the standard procedures for assessing steadiness and ensuring that the car’s roof load rack is the correct size.

Appropriate size roof racks and roof cargo boxes

how much overhang can you have on a roof rack

The roof load or box size is critical, so concentrate on it. When you want your journey to go as well as possible, you must invest in a load box to meet your needs.

If your roof racks are inadequate and you attempt to get the biggest roof load rack available, you will have difficulty. This is an unfortunate accident, and you’ll do everything you can to avoid it.

While using a roof load box, you must keep items in the range. If your roof rack rails are tiny, you should go for a compact roof load rack. You could use a bigger box than average on occasion, but you’ll want to make sure everything is ready ahead of time.

If you like to have a pleasant time outdoors, don’t get a roof load box that is very big for your car. It will automatically give you migraines, and you will hate your decision.


•          Measure the weight your car can transport on its roof before purchasing a roof rack. Examine the roof rack’s allowable load (see the car’s owner’s handbook). 

•          Contact a roof rack expert to determine the best systems for your car and the tools needed for your particular load.

•          Although weight is a concern, extra bulk and height are other factors.

•          Whenever a weight overhangs, you must attach it forward and back of the automobile, irrespective of the equipment used to secure it, to keep it from rising in the air.

•          Roof racks are usually spaced approximately 700mm apart. If the bars are spaced too far apart, your weight may contact the roof between them.

•          The equipment you’ll require will be determined by the load you’ll be transporting.

Final Verdict – how much overhang can you have on a roof rack?

How much overhang can you have on a roof rack? If you’ve read the guide thoroughly, you know the answer. It’s important to select a roof load rack that’s the right size and shape for the car, and other aspects should be considered. It would be best never to overburden your roof rack as you might face issues in your journey. Want to know if roof racks damage your car? Check out our post to read about it here.