Best Roof Rack for Subaru Outback

best roof rack for Subaru Outback

Finding the best roof rack for Subaru Outback from multiple options is daunting. If you are a fan of adventurous trips, you may know that putting the luggage on top of trucks without having any roof rack is impossible. Many campers and adventurous people prefer choosing the Subaru Outback due to its luxurious interior and exterior. Still, they need to get the ideal roof rack for putting the luggage and heavyweight.

There are plenty of roof rack options in the market that support different features. For selecting a suitable roof rack, you need to know about your luggage requirements and vehicle dimensions. It helps you choose the right roof rack option for your Subaru Outback.

Here is the life-changing guide for you, including the five best roof rack for Subaru Outback. You can select any one of them and give perfect worth to your money. So let’s dive into it!

Five Best Roof Rack for Subaru Outback

MaxxHaul 150 lb Basket for Subaru Outback

The MaxxHaul roof rack consists of steel as the construction material. It provides a refined look to your Subaru Outback. It is the first pick on our list with great features and gives the best support to your Subaru Outback.
It has a crossbar mount set that gives an instant place for holding heavy luggage. The rubber gasket provides quick fixation and reduces the corrosion to your rack mounting locations and car top. The dimension is accurate in that it offers roomy space for luggage. In addition to all, it is quickly portable with the u-bolting mounting and demounting features. You can protect your heavy luggage at the top of the Subaru Outback during long trips and rubber caps.

· Give perfect worth to money
· Easy to install
· Solid mounting positions and hardware
· Can carry the heavy loads
· Give a compatible look to your outback
· Need the proper assembly before mounting

7 BLACKSMITHS Black Roof Rack Outback

It is the famous 7BLACKSMITHS roof rack for the Subaru Outback due to its quick installation with the U-bolts. You can install it quickly with the U-bolts if you are a beginner. It comes with all the installment hardware and equipment that make it easy to mount. The tie-down points are perfect for the side rails and keep the heavyweights in place even on bumpy roads.
It has a steel construction material with a black powder coating to reduce corrosion and rust. So it has durable construction material and layers that give perfect worth to your money. If we talk about its space, it is like a cargo basket that gives all supplies the ideal security. It can handle heavy loads without having any falling fears at high speed.

· Heavy-duty construction material
· Adjustable dimensions
· Great weight holding capacity
· Give perfect worth to your money
· Have the steel wind fairing to reduce the noise
· Require seel for weld mounting

YAKIMA Heavy-duty JetStream Bar for Roof Rack Systems

Yakima is a famous brand for the roof racking system. The Yakima heavy-duty steel bar roof rack is perfect for the Subaru Outback due to its redesigning. It has a teardrop shape that reduces its dragging efficiency and gives a strong style. This roof rack is light in weight along with the perfect dimensions in aerodynamic design.
It comes with complete hardware for mounting the roof rack. The silicone end caps help attack the T-slots quickly and are ready to hit the road with heavy luggage. Modern construction technology makes it corrosion resistant, which ensures its durability.

· Strong and durable roof rack bars
· Perfect for long-distance traveling
· Easy to install
· Corrosion resistant
· Produce noise at high-speed limits

Ark Motoring 64″x 39″ Rooftop Basket Cargo Carrier Roof Rack

Another excellent roof rack for the Subaru Outback is the Ark Motoring rooftop basket which comes in various sizes and accommodations. It comes in adjustable size options that give better space according to requirements. You can carry heavy luggage more than the other options.
It is the best roof rack for many cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks. The transportation capacity makes it preferable to the other roof racks on the list. It comes with universal U-bolts that help to install it quickly. Moreover, the construction includes black powder and e-coating to attain corrosion-resistant capacities.The sleek fairing of the construction material helps reduce noise production due to air.

· Robust construction
· Easy to assemble and mount
· Give a compelling look to your vehicle roof
· Corrosion resistant
· Need assembly before mounting

ARKSEN Universal Roof Rack Cargo with Extension Car Top Luggage Holder

The ARKSEN Universal roof rack is the last pick of our list that is compatible with carrying the additional luggage. It is an incredible roof rack with different loading capacities with high gauge steel for construction material. The steel material makes it waterproof and durable to give the perfect worth for your money.
It is a cargo basket that is corrosion-resistant. The basket also protects the roof of your Subaru Outback from rusting, scratching, and stains. In addition, it is easy to mount and hold the luggage for long distances.
The wind fairing property also makes it superior to many others. Moreover, it can withstand the various wind conditions to give a reliable experience for users. It will not produce any sound even during speedy drives.

· Give the incredible worth to money
· Perfect for Subaru outback roofs
· Easy to mount
· Prevent the roof of the outback from scratching
· Durable and long-lasting
· Spacing varies at the front and back sides

Conclusion – what is the best roof rack for Subaru Outback?

You have the five best roof racks for the Subaru Outback, which give your money excellent value. You can travel long distances without fearing losing any essentials on adventurous trips. The primary benefit of these roof racks is that they can prevent your Subaru outback roof from scratches and stains. Once you have a suitable roof rack, it gives you a life-changing experience in your adventurous trips.
We hope this guide will help you buy the perfect roof rack for your Subaru Outback and enhance the comforts of your camping trips. If you are interested in reading more about your Subaru Outback, see our post on the Top 10 best seat covers for Subaru Outback here!