Can You Take A Car With Roof Racks Through A Car wash

Yes, you can take a car with roof racks through a carwash. In-car washes, sometimes the roller brushes are not in the ideal condition due to their intensive use and can lead to some damage to the bodywork.

At the stations, you wash it by yourself, but that takes more time and effort.

To help you decide the best method to wash your car, we break down each of the systems.

Wash the car in car washes
Wash the car in car washes


It is the ideal option to wash the car for someone who goes on a trip or arrives from it, because our geography is full of them, and it can be done on the go.

But some unsuitable brushes can scratch the paint. Some leave traces of plastic that can look like scratches.

Today, almost all bristles are made of polyethylene, a material very similar to textile fibers.

When coordinated with proper watering, there is usually no risk to paint. The many complaints that come to us about scratches usually come from other reasons.

For example, grains of sand or very intricate dirt or even dirt from the previous car, which has not been properly dislodged and remains on the brushes.

The consequence: subtle scratches on the bodywork.

So a tip is to wash your car in a car wash on a rainy day. The dirt on the body will be softer, and partly already detached.

Another tip is to give it a pre-wash: this way you remove superficial dirt and the dreaded grains of sand. Also, here are other tips for washing your car in a car wash:

  • Choosing the correct car wash program: first, it depends on your budget and the weather. In winter we recommend one with active foam, hot wax and underbody wash. The prices for a normal washing program start at 4 or 5 euros in Spain, and the most intensive can go up to 15.
  • Put the car in the correct position: close the windows and the sunroof, if any, and with the engine running, deactivate the windscreen wipers and, above all, the rain sensor. Put the central locking system on to prevent the fuel cap from opening. And it is better to fold the mirrors and, if possible, remove the antenna from the radio. The specific indications of each car wash are usually visible on a poster.
  • Measures after the car wash: dry immediately with a microfiber cloth, to avoid unwanted traces of water. And review areas that are difficult to access by hands, such as the seals of the doors, hood and trunk. Wash all the windows with glass cleaner.
  • Mobile or static car wash: it does not matter. The result is usually the same, in both cases, similar cleaning products are used and the same material for the brushes.
  • Complaints: if you have suffered any damage, immediately call someone in charge and put it in writing and signed. Thoroughly review the status of the company, and its license to have a car wash. All this information can be decisive in case of conflict.

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