Our Cars Have Limited Storage Space

Making the most of the available space in your car is possible if we have accessories such as modern roof rack bars.

Some bars designed to have more space at the top, although they must always offer good safety, to avoid accidents on the road.

In any case, if you follow our guide to buying the best roof rack bars on the market, you will surely have no problem finding the right bars for your car and your needs.

Our cars have limited storage space

If your car has limited storage space, then you should use the bar on your car. The current roof rack market offers us a remarkable number of products to choose from, both in terms of design and product manufacturing materials.

Both elements are important since they influence both the aerodynamics and the load capacity of the bars.

Format and construction of the bars

In the part of the format, the usual thing is that the bars are flat or rounded. So that they offer the best aerodynamic performance when it comes to being able to roll with them.

Other models have a rectangular design, especially the inexpensive ones, with a greater thickness, which although it is true that it gives them resistance, also increases the resistance to air during the trip.

Regarding the materials, the first level bars are usually made of high-quality ionized aluminum.

This material offers better resistance and better supports the elements, offering a good load capacity with reduced weight.

The steel models are somewhat heavier, although they also have optimal strength and load capacity.

Finally, we find the metal models covered with plastic, which is cheaper but presents worse performance both in their aerodynamic aspect and in terms of their resistance.

Installing the bars

Another element that defines any comparison of luggage racks for cars is the process of installing them.

Something that depends, in part, on whether our car already has elements where we can fit the bars or not.

In the latter case, the process will be much more complicated, as we will see below.

In the case of products that are designed to be mounted on already equipped vehicles. It is obvious that the system is much simpler for mounting.

In this case, it is enough to buy compatible bars, open the spaces in the ceiling and start installing the supports and bars as indicated by the instructions.

Additional capabilities and features

Additional capabilities and features

Although we mention it now, we cannot forget that there is a difference between the bars regarding their load capacity.

This should be taken into account especially. If you need to mount a lot of weight since an inexpensive bar can be good, but when bent it may not be so.

Therefore, check the weight capacity that the bar supports, to avoid falling short when buying.

As for the additional functions of the bars, in some of them. We can find a system of anti-theft locks, which prevent the bars from being stolen from the ceiling.

Considering how much a game of this type of bar costs is a question that you must take into account.

Especially since this closes will also help us to also be able to remove the roof bars when we are not using them.

It doesn’t make sense to keep them on the roof, wasting fuel and adding weight, if you can easily remove them.

Finally, some bars can give us the possibility of including additional elements, such as those that allow us to carry bicycles, skis and other complex luggage.

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