Installing A Roof Rack To Your Prius

Just when you want to take a long family trip and you do not have enough space in your car.

You can choose to buy a luggage rack or bike, ideal to expand the space available on the roof of the vehicle.

Also making sure that it has the measurements necessary to avoid a road accident.

Installing a roof rack to your Prius

Installing A Roof Rack To Your Prius

That is why verifying the resistance and load capacity that the roof bars can offer you will be extremely important.

Make sure you have the right luggage rack or bike rack

There are luggage or bike racks with an extremely easy installation process, as well as those where the assembly procedure is a little more complicated than usual since you will have to resort to installation using screws.

For these reasons mentioned above, you should first verify if your vehicle already has a pre-installed system or if you will finally have to screw.

Proceed to install your roof rack

If your car finally has an easy pre-installation system, then you must have a luggage rack compatible with the model of your vehicle.

Then you will have to open space in the roof and begin to install the supports that provide stability to the bars.

You should following the steps clearly described in the instructions. It should be noted that this process is usually easy, fast and simple.

In case you do not have the system pre-installed

If your car does not have the pre-installed system, then you will have to resort to installation using screws.

Next, you will have to hold the supports directly on the sheet of your vehicle, taking into account that the chosen area has adequate resistance for the proper use of the product.

You need to know that, in this installation process, things will get a little more complicated, since you will have to make holes and screw, but in the end you will get favorable results.

Once the bars are installed, secure your luggage or bike

Thanks to the security offered by most of the luggage or bike rack, it will not be necessary to leave your luggage under supervision when you are not there.

You simply have to secure it with a lock with a key, which in turn will prevent someone outside your belongings from being able to remove them without your consent.

Remove the bars when they are not being used

Just as you have the possibility to secure your luggage, you will also have the possibility to easily disassemble the bars while you are not using them.

If the assembly system was simple, the bar disassembly system will be even easier.

Just as you secured the luggage, you will be able to use the security system to disassemble the bars, so that you do not have to carry them with you while you are not giving them the proper use.

Give them proper maintenance

To avoid wear and tear on the luggage racks, you should also give them proper maintenance before each use, it should be noted that, thanks to their manufacturing materials, you can clean them easily and quickly, without the need for so much effort, in this way you will extend the durability of your roof racks while keeping them looking like new.

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