How Fast Can You Drive With A Bike Rack

How fast can you drive with a bike rack?

Less than 120 km per hour (75 miles per hour) fast can you drive with a bike rack.

Therefore it is advisable not to exceed the speed of 120 km / h. Roof-mounted bike racks also increase fuel consumption by around 35%.

Due to their weight, electric bikes are unsuitable to be transported on the roof of the car.

It is common that many cyclists do not feel very confident carrying their bikes on the roof of the car, since there they receive the air stream directly and if the fastening is not adequate, the bicycles could end up rolling down the road.

For that reason we wanted to place this roof model where the bikes do not have to go upright, they lie flat, which does not generate as much height or resistance to air currents.

Here are 3 bike rake that fit to drive fast


Saris Bones

This model of bicycle rack is one of those that are attached to the back of the cars and is prepared to transport three bikes of up to 16 kilos each.

It fits most vehicles, it is light but safe and its assembly is quite simple.

The bars are designed in an arc shape and have different height levels to loosely separate each bike.

The legs of the bars that rest on the trolley are made of rubber so as not to damage the paint. It also has straps to secure the bikes.

In any case, the buyer will have to make sure before purchasing this product that the frame of his bicycle is compatible with the bike rack.

The Fischer bike rack

The Fischer bike rack allows you to carry two bikes at the same time and the mounting of them is done in the lower part of the car, which greatly facilitates the work.

It also has an easy-grip handle to move the roof rack down and includes a bar where the wheels fit.

Before buying it you will have to check the roof rack bars that your car carries. Since it is only compatible with those that measure between 70 and 87 cm.

So if your roof rack is smaller than that, you will have to opt for another type of bicycle support.

Hollywood Racks E3

A cheaper option to get a practical bike rack but that can perfectly fulfill to transport three bicycles in the back of the car although aesthetics is not its greatest strength.

It uses a strap system that adjusts to the top and bottom of the car and is compatible with any type of vehicle.

The bars where the bicycles are located have rubber ties that help protect the bikes so that they do not have any damage during transport.

The system is assembled as standard and can be easily folded for storage. The manufacturer offers an unlimited lifetime warranty.

There are wall and floor bike racks. In the former, the bicycle is hung in the air and in the latter, it is anchored to the ground, although in the same way these can be installed on the wall.

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