How Do You Put A Prius Bike Rack On

Easily you could put a Prius bike rack on by using Thule VeloCompact 924 or Thule ProRide.

Thule VeloCompact 924

If you are looking for a bicycle rack for daily use in which you can mount your bikes to go to the park or to the outskirts of the city, you can buy this Thule model, which is ideal for two bikes, the assembly is quite simple and it is also really compact.

The first thing you should know about this folding bike rack is that it is a ball model for 13 pins.

If your car is 7 pins it will still work for you by buying an adapter separately.

The maximum weight that this ball bike rack can carry is 25 kg per bicycle.

While the total weight is 46 kg. Like the previous model on the list, this support can be tilted.

So that you can easily open the rear door of the car and access the interior of the boot without having to disassemble the bikes.
It adapts to different types of wheels, including 29 ”mtb wheels, and they are fastened through straps with quick-release buckles, so in a few seconds, you will have any bike ready to travel to the new route.

Thule ProRide

This Thule roof rack is one of the most careful with your bicycle frame. As it minimizes contact points with the frame by firmly gripping the bike wheels on the rails.

It also has a system with a lock so that it is secured and avoids theft problems.

It is designed for a bike weighing about 20 kg and for bicycles built with a carbon frame.

Since, as we mentioned before, it minimizes contact with the frame by sufficiently securing the wheels to the rails that go on the roof rack.

And it also includes the Thule accessory. Carbon Frame Protector special for this type of bicycle.

The main grip is made directly on the wheel through a bracket and can be adjusted to sizes from 20 to 29 “with a maximum thickness of about 3 inches.

In this roof bike rack, you can move the bike from one side of the car to the other without any complications, with a simple to use system.

You can move the bike to the side that feels most comfortable or even adjust it if you carry more than one bike so that they go closer together or apart.

What type of bike rack do you prefer?

What type of bike rack do you prefer?

Personal preference should also be taken into account because if it bothers you or annoys you to mount the bikes on the rack it will be a useless purchase since, in the long run, you will stop using it.

Decide on a model with easy installation and simple bike mooring.

Do you need access to the trunk of the car?

Do you need access to the trunk of the car?

If you need clear access to the trunk obviously the gate model is not for you, it would be much better with a roof one, although the ball models give access to the trunk you will not have all the space available to open it completely.

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