How Do You Mount An Allen Bike Rack

Not all of us have a spacious car with which we can afford to fold down the seats and carry our bikes in the back.

In many cars, the trunk does not connect with the rear seats.

More than one manages and places it in the back, but they must be fastened with the belts that adapt to the people, but it is not so easy to place them on a bicycle.

This without counting the possible damage to the seats and that we are destined not to take the company.

If more than two people must go in the car, the solution sometimes is to place them inside the roof rack of the car, and they do not always fit correctly.

Resources such as tying them with ribbons, ropes, and other ingenious tricks that come out of the mind in order to go with the bike wherever it is, are not always safe and we can even risk a fine or lose the bike along the way (with everything that this entails).

Going out on the road and suddenly “something” or the same bicycle comes loose, can cause a serious accident.

Better to have the appropriate support that allows us to transport the bicycle in a safe, comfortable, and practical way; taking care of the bicycle, the car and protecting everyone from possible accidents.

The fastening of the bicycles to the support is individual. By means of an adjustable clip in the adjustment, each bicycle is placed in the mooring indicated for the frame; Each bicycle travels protected and without rubbing against each other.

Each tie-down can be rotated, to better fit for each bike frame shape and size.

Allen Sports Deluxe 2

Allen Sports Deluxe 2

The Allen Sports fits sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, SUVs, and a wide range of cars.

It is attached to the car using two side straps, one upper and one lower, which provide stability to the bike carrier while it is placed on the car.

The key to ensuring that the bikes are well secured is that the support straps are.

If we don’t make sure that this is the case, we will lose bikes and support along the way.

To get an idea of ​​what dimensions we will transport, in addition to those of the bicycle, the support has measures of 59.7 x 33 x 10.2 cm.

In itself, it is a system of two supports in one. One of them properly supports the bicycles and the other keeps the bicycle holder away from the car.

Being thus more protected, because the support makes the bikes are separated at a distance from the back of the car.

It supports suitable for two bicycles; If we try to load more bikes, the support straps will not do their job and we run the risk of scratching the bikes.

On very turbulent roads, with holes, stones and obstacles like that, the belts can lose a little tension, without reaching the limit of loosening.

If the normal thing is that we go out on “bumpy” roads, better to think of another type of bicycle rack.

It has quite thick foam rubber cylinders that prevent the support bars from coming into contact with the car, but with the passage of time and inclement weather they can be undone, and let’s see how we put new tires.

It is a lightweight, inexpensive bike rack and is suitable for children’s bikes.

If we are not regular travelers with the bike lying down is more than enough.


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