Do Roof Racks Damage Your Car

Never, roof racks damage your car, if you install the roof rack properly.

Best quality roof racks never damage your car. Setup a perfect roof rack then use it. Fitting a bike rack for your Toyota Prius or another car can be challenging.

Many manufacturers make bike carriers that can be mounted to the receiver tube of a trailer hitch in just seconds. A safety pin keeps the bracket from sliding out of the tube.

You can mount an aftermarket hitch to your Prius using the existing holes in the landing gear and by making a slight modification to the rear bumper skid plate panel.

The hitch can also be used to tow a small trailer when not used in conjunction with a bike rack.

Types of bike roof racks for cars

Types of bike roof racks for cars
Types of bike roof racks for cars

As we have mentioned, all bicycle racks are not the same, since they mainly depend on the type of car in which it is going to be installed.

Ball bike rack

These bike racks are the most used since they are the easiest to install. Its mounting does not influence the aerodynamics of the car and you can transport up to 4 bikes in one trip.

On the other hand, the sheet metal of the car is not at risk of being damaged and leaves the trunk free to open at any time.

Gate bike rack

It is an economical, stable and comfortable car holder because it does not affect the aerodynamics of the car.

They are structured under a system of articulated bars that are placed at the rear of the vehicle with straps and hooks.

These types of bike racks fit up to 4 bikes. They are a wise choice for infrequent transfers.

Roof bike rack

These bike racks for cars are the best sellers to users since all their models are simple and can be installed in the vehicle for several days until driving again.

Besides being inexpensive, they are safe and easy to install. Its system is created with bars that are installed on the roof of the car.

One of the advantages of these bicycle racks is that they do not close the rear visibility of the vehicle when driving and leave a lot of free space.

Bike racks for home storage

Bike racks for home storage
Bike racks for home storage

One of the main disadvantages when it comes to cycling is having little space to store your bike at home.

But this problem disappears when using a bike mount.

These are a perfect option to store the bike anchored somewhere in the house, using minimum space and leaving the rest free to store other objects.

At the same time, there are designs on the market that are useful to work more comfortably in the event that a bicycle repair is necessary.

Many of them have a magnetic plate to avoid losing the screws or have a tripod base to be able to move them from one place to another.

Another important factor when choosing a bicycle mount is that it is resistant, and for this. It must be made of quality materials, preferably steel so that they do not deteriorate over time.

It is also essential to take into account that the support materials do not damage the bicycle, that is, they must include protection elements in their grips so that they do not cause damage when hanging or anchoring it.

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