Do roof bars damage your car?

Roof bars are a great way to extend the storage space of your car, but do they damage it? There is some debate on this topic as many people have claimed that roof bars cause rusting and other damages.

But before you make a decision for yourself, consider these points: – Roof bars don’t actually touch the roof of your car. They attach securely to the vehicle’s chassis.

This means that there should be no damage done to your vehicle’s body at all. – The weight limit for most roof racks is around 100 pounds which equates to about 45 kilograms or less than 20 stone in weight per bar.

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Can you leave roof bars on all the time?

Do roof bars damage your car
Can you leave roof bars on all the time

Yes, you can leave roof bars on all the time. Roof racks are designed to be used with or without bars and typically come off easily when not in use.

Roof racks provide a great way to store items that don’t fit inside your car like bicycles, kayaks, surf boards and more. They also help keep your vehicle from getting dinged up by things stored inside of it like groceries or luggage so this is an easy way to protect your investment in your automobile!

You can purchase a rack that matches your make/model of car at any auto parts store but we recommend checking out online retailers for competitive pricing as well as free shipping options which may only take a few days instead of weeks!

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