What is the best roof rack system?

best roof rack system

Thule Sport Rack Complete Roof Rack System is the best roof rack system. The roof bars, also called roof bars or roof racks, are helpful support that allows us to use the roof of our car to transport suitcases, packages, or even bicycles safely.

To make the most of their advantages, carefully choosing the most suitable model for our car is advisable.

The most suitable roof bars are handy in case of travel or moving, or in any case when the trunk of our car is too small, and we need additional space.

And also, the roof racks are the best solution when we need to carry bulky items such as canoes, bicycles, and surfboards.

Specifically, the roof bars are longitudinal crosspieces made of resistant materials (mostly aluminum with rubber or PVC finishes) fixed to the car roof through customized hooks.

The Best Roof Rack System for Cars

After this brief introduction to the world of roof bars, the time has come to review the main features of the best roof bars for cars available on the market and available in online stores such as Amazon and other e-commerce portals.

Therefore, below we will analyze in detail the products of the best brands to allow you to choose the one that best suits your car and your needs.

Thule Sport Rack Complete Roof Rack System

best roof rack system

Let’s start with the Thule Sport Rack Complete Roof Rack System. This product is easy to install on many popular cars and SUVs.

It is compatible with many different accessories so it can carry bikes, kayaks, skies etc.

Product includes everything you need – load bars, hooks, feet, and locks.

How to choose the best roof rack system?

After having thoroughly analyzed the best models on the market, the time has come to move on to the real buying guide.

And it is precisely to help you choose the product that best suits your needs. Below, we will provide you with all the necessary information on how to select the roof bars concerning your needs and your car and performance and quality ratio price.


The first aspect that we must consider when choosing is the compatibility of the roof bars with our car.

Most of the products on the market indeed fall into universal roof bars.


Another factor to consider when choosing the product that best suits our needs is the dimensions of the roof bars for cars.

These are strictly related to the type of vehicle roof on which we want to mount them since, in order not to compromise the stability of the load, the cross members must never protrude beyond the roof of the car.

To overcome this problem, there are mostly telescopic roof bars on the market, that is, adaptable to different lengths that generally range from 75 to 120 cm. Then there are the XL roof bars that reach up to 140 cm.


An aspect to be taken into consideration is the materials of the roof bars for cars.

In this regard, on the market, we can find aluminum roof bars, which are lighter, more beautiful.


Whatever material they are made of, all roof racks for cars have a load limit that cannot be exceeded.

This is because the roof of any car can hold up to a maximum weight going beyond which there is a risk of compromising the vehicle’s bodywork.

Conclusion – what is the best roof rack system?

The best roof rack system for your vehicle is the Thule Sport Rack Complete Roof Rack System.