Best Roof Rack for Subaru Outback

best roof rack for Subaru Outback

Finding the best roof rack for Subaru Outback from multiple options is daunting. If you are a fan of adventurous trips, you may know that putting the luggage on top of trucks without having any roof rack is impossible. Many campers and adventurous people prefer choosing the Subaru Outback due to its luxurious interior and exterior. Still, they need to get the ideal roof rack for putting the luggage and heavyweight.

There are plenty of roof rack options in the market that support different features. For selecting a suitable roof rack, you need to know about your luggage requirements and vehicle dimensions. It helps you choose the right roof rack option for your Subaru Outback.

Here is the life-changing guide for you, including the five best roof rack for Subaru Outback. You can select any one of them and give perfect worth to your money. So let’s dive into it!

Five Best Roof Rack for Subaru Outback

MaxxHaul 150 lb Basket for Subaru Outback

The MaxxHaul roof rack consists of steel as the construction material. It provides a refined look to your Subaru Outback. It is the first pick on our list with great features and gives the best support to your Subaru Outback.
It has a crossbar mount set that gives an instant place for holding heavy luggage. The rubber gasket provides quick fixation and reduces the corrosion to your rack mounting locations and car top. The dimension is accurate in that it offers roomy space for luggage. In addition to all, it is quickly portable with the u-bolting mounting and demounting features. You can protect your heavy luggage at the top of the Subaru Outback during long trips and rubber caps.

· Give perfect worth to money
· Easy to install
· Solid mounting positions and hardware
· Can carry the heavy loads
· Give a compatible look to your outback
· Need the proper assembly before mounting

7 BLACKSMITHS Black Roof Rack Outback

It is the famous 7BLACKSMITHS roof rack for the Subaru Outback due to its quick installation with the U-bolts. You can install it quickly with the U-bolts if you are a beginner. It comes with all the installment hardware and equipment that make it easy to mount. The tie-down points are perfect for the side rails and keep the heavyweights in place even on bumpy roads.
It has a steel construction material with a black powder coating to reduce corrosion and rust. So it has durable construction material and layers that give perfect worth to your money. If we talk about its space, it is like a cargo basket that gives all supplies the ideal security. It can handle heavy loads without having any falling fears at high speed.

· Heavy-duty construction material
· Adjustable dimensions
· Great weight holding capacity
· Give perfect worth to your money
· Have the steel wind fairing to reduce the noise
· Require seel for weld mounting

YAKIMA Heavy-duty JetStream Bar for Roof Rack Systems

Yakima is a famous brand for the roof racking system. The Yakima heavy-duty steel bar roof rack is perfect for the Subaru Outback due to its redesigning. It has a teardrop shape that reduces its dragging efficiency and gives a strong style. This roof rack is light in weight along with the perfect dimensions in aerodynamic design.
It comes with complete hardware for mounting the roof rack. The silicone end caps help attack the T-slots quickly and are ready to hit the road with heavy luggage. Modern construction technology makes it corrosion resistant, which ensures its durability.

· Strong and durable roof rack bars
· Perfect for long-distance traveling
· Easy to install
· Corrosion resistant
· Produce noise at high-speed limits

Ark Motoring 64″x 39″ Rooftop Basket Cargo Carrier Roof Rack

Another excellent roof rack for the Subaru Outback is the Ark Motoring rooftop basket which comes in various sizes and accommodations. It comes in adjustable size options that give better space according to requirements. You can carry heavy luggage more than the other options.
It is the best roof rack for many cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks. The transportation capacity makes it preferable to the other roof racks on the list. It comes with universal U-bolts that help to install it quickly. Moreover, the construction includes black powder and e-coating to attain corrosion-resistant capacities.The sleek fairing of the construction material helps reduce noise production due to air.

· Robust construction
· Easy to assemble and mount
· Give a compelling look to your vehicle roof
· Corrosion resistant
· Need assembly before mounting

ARKSEN Universal Roof Rack Cargo with Extension Car Top Luggage Holder

The ARKSEN Universal roof rack is the last pick of our list that is compatible with carrying the additional luggage. It is an incredible roof rack with different loading capacities with high gauge steel for construction material. The steel material makes it waterproof and durable to give the perfect worth for your money.
It is a cargo basket that is corrosion-resistant. The basket also protects the roof of your Subaru Outback from rusting, scratching, and stains. In addition, it is easy to mount and hold the luggage for long distances.
The wind fairing property also makes it superior to many others. Moreover, it can withstand the various wind conditions to give a reliable experience for users. It will not produce any sound even during speedy drives.

· Give the incredible worth to money
· Perfect for Subaru outback roofs
· Easy to mount
· Prevent the roof of the outback from scratching
· Durable and long-lasting
· Spacing varies at the front and back sides

Conclusion – what is the best roof rack for Subaru Outback?

You have the five best roof racks for the Subaru Outback, which give your money excellent value. You can travel long distances without fearing losing any essentials on adventurous trips. The primary benefit of these roof racks is that they can prevent your Subaru outback roof from scratches and stains. Once you have a suitable roof rack, it gives you a life-changing experience in your adventurous trips.
We hope this guide will help you buy the perfect roof rack for your Subaru Outback and enhance the comforts of your camping trips. If you are interested in reading more about your Subaru Outback, see our post on the Top 10 best seat covers for Subaru Outback here!

Best Prinsu Roof Rack 4Runner

prinsu roof rack 4runner

4Runner is the premium choice of every user. Whenever a person gets a 4Runner, they also might want to get a roof rack to increase its hauling capacity. So the Prinsu roof rack 4Runner is the best way to enhance the weight gaining capacity of your vehicle.

The 4Runner already has premium space specification and an incredible interior and exterior. But if you want to improve its power, then a Prinsu roof rack for 4Runner is the best option. It helps to carry heavy loads along with roof protection. Roof racks are also the best way to increase the hauling capacity and enhance the roof look.

Prinsu roof racks are durable, robust, strong, and easy to install. They comes with essential inexpensive rooftop baskets that look incredible with the latest construction techniques and materials. It comes in various styles and dimensions that you can choose according to your requirements.

Best Prinsu Roof Rack 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner Prinsu Roof Rack Full Non Drill 2010-2022


  • Powder coated
  • Noise reducing edge trim
  • Black colour
  • Configuration can be modified
  • Choose the number of crossbars you use

Toyota 4Runner Prinsu Roof Rack 2003-2009


  • Powder coated
  • Noise reducing edge trim

Can’t get a Prinsu Roof Rack 4Runner?

So, if you are unable to purchase one of the above Prinsu roof rack 4Runners, we came up with the five best roof racks for 4runners that you can select according to your premium choice and enjoy its hauling capacity. Now let’s dive into them!

Five Best Roof Racks for 4Runners

N-Fab T102MRF Aluminium Modular Roof Rack

It is one of the standard roof racks for the fourth and fifth generation of 4Runner. The N-Fab aluminum roof rack is durable due to the high-end construction material. The aluminum material gives it lightweight and more durable to withstand harsh weather. It has an aerodynamic design that makes it ideal for the 4Runners. In addition, it is easy to mount with the front-rear system. Moving the 4Runner at high speed will not produce any noise due to the wind defecting sheet and flat centers. It also has a great weight holding capacity, making it our first choice—the versatile roof rack with the aesthetic design and high durability for the 4Runners.

• Aerodynamic designs
• Durable and long-lasting
• Perfect for all models of 4runners
• A bit pricy

Rhino-Rack Pioneer Roof Rack Platform

Rhino is one famous roof rack manufacturing brand that produces incredible products for vehicle users. The Rhino roof rack has the premium quality material that best suits the 4runners. It is an eco-friendly roof rack system that lasts longer than the other options. In addition, it is easy to install with the appropriate installation tools and hardware. You don’t need to spend hours on its installation.
The weight-holding capacity also makes your life easier. It can keep the incredible weight of better security systems. So you can travel on adventure trips without fear of language capacity. It has aluminum as a construction material and nylon joints that make it more durable and attractive. In addition to the construction material, it also has black powder coatings that make it corrosion resistant. You will also need to purchase the Rhino rack legs with this roof rack.

• High-end construction material
• Durable and long-lasting
• Black powder coating
• Corrosion and rust-resistant
• It needs some ergonomic updates

Tyger Heavy-Duty Roof-Mounted Cargo Basket

Here is another affordable roof rack for the 4runners. The heavy-duty roof-mounted cargo basket is the first choice of many users due to its dimensions and features. Usually, it is the best option for the 3rd gen 4runner due to its dimensions.
The sustainable roof rack for the 4runner gives a safe ride on bumpy roads. However, if we talk about its construction material, it features steel that is less in weight but perfect for corrosion-resistant properties. Moreover, it doesn’t produce any sound or noise at high speeds due to the perfect ergonomic design.
In addition to all these, it is the most cost-effective option that gives the perfect features and support to 4runners.

• Cost-effective roof rack
• Durable with the ergonomic design
• Corrosion-resistant with the high-end construction material
• Heavy-duty construction
• Long-lasting
• A bit pricy than usual

ROLA 59504 V-Tex Rooftop Cargo Basket

Here is the best option to get the high-end roof rack for your 4runner. The Rola roof rack has a heavy-duty two-piece construction perfect for traveling. It has a portable design that gives it more benefits.

The construction included the rough coat finish that protects it against scratches and protects your roof rack. You can quickly mount it on your 4runner with the complete hardware equipment. So it is also a perfect option for beginners. Moreover, it has the ideal dimension that helps users secure the rook top. It also has the air deflector property that doesn’t allow it to make any noise at high speeds. The heavy steel duty construction makes it superior to other options that you can choose. So invest in the right high-end roof rack for your 4runner.

• Heavy-duty steel construction material
• Perfect for beginners to install
• Ideal dimensions
• Only suitable for the 3rd and 4th gen 4runners

YAKIMA, MegaWarrior Roof Cargo Basket

The last roof rack for 4Runner in our list is incredible with its features. First of all, the YAKIMA roof rack has heavy-duty construction material. The steel is perfect for corrosion-resistant properties and protects your roof. It is also best for other larger vehicles.

It has a compatible design that you can quickly mount on your 4Runner roof. The aerodynamic roof rack design makes it more consistent than the others. It contains noise reduction properties that give the perfect wind fairing properties. In addition, it is easy to install the Yakima roof rack along with the minimal assembly requirement.

So a Yakima roof rack for the 4Runners is a safe and durable option for your cars. The experienced refer to it as the smart option for adventurous experiences.

• Compatible design
• Corrosion-resistant properties
• Safe and durable design for 4runners
• Need some improvements

Conclusion – Best Prinsu Roof Rack 4Runner

Now you have a compelling guide and the best Prinsu roof rack 4Runner. All the options in our list have great features and durability that you can achieve with suitable price tags. Ensure that you know your requirements before selecting the best Prinsu roof rack 4Runner.
We hope this guide will help you choose the best Prinsu roof rack for your 4Runners and enhance your adventure.

How much overhang can you have on a roof rack?

how much overhang can you have on a roof rack

Have you been wondering how much overhang can you have on a roof rack? You must ensure your roof rack does not exceed the vehicle width. Roof cargo boxes are a popular accessory that allows you to bring additional luggage on a journey. It can assist people traveling on a picnic and vacation transport the necessary materials. These roof cargo racks are used for a variety of purposes.

It’ll also come in handy if you need to bring additional bags on a trip and do not have enough room in the vehicle. Keep reading if you want to find out how much overhang can you have on a roof rack.

Is it possible for a roof cargo box to have overhang?

Yes, a slight overhang is OK, but ensure your roof cargo rack does not overhang excessively. Generally, any extra overhang in the back should be avoided because it may prevent your trunks from opening.

You must be alright as long as the roof box is the perfect size for the car and is secured.

When buying your new roof load rack, get as much data as possible. This will guarantee that you will have complete satisfaction.

Is a little overhang fine?

If you’ve been asking whether or not a roof cargo rack can overhang, you may rest easy. The first factor to consider is that a small amount of overhang is quite acceptable.

You would like to get to your destination without mishap. However, you must ensure to keep everything under check. An excessive overhang might cause some safety concerns when driving along the route. Therefore, it helps to pay attention to how the roof rack is positioned.

Most roof rack variants have a small amount of overhang. This will be a common occurrence. It should not worry you too much.

Double-check that everything is in place and that it appears safe when driving. It’s also good to do a trial run in your area to ensure it’s in working order.

What is the maximum overhang on a roof rack?

It’s referred to as a projected or overhang load when you’re hauling a lengthy cargo that exceeds the size of your car. Each jurisdiction has its own restrictions and limitations on how large these loads can be and requirements for the necessary warning systems required to transport that weight lawfully.

When transporting any projected or overhang loads, contact the local state or territorial roads and transportation authorities to be sure you know the rules.

If you are transporting heavier objects on your roof racks, ensure that the weight is adequately divided over the widths and lengths of the racks and that the things are held safely.

How much overhang can you have on a roof rack?

When it comes to horizontal overhang and how far the crossbars can reach to the left or right side of the vehicle, make sure they don’t exceed the vehicle’s width when the mirror is tucked in.

In some cases, a rear overhang should be avoided.

You understand that a small amount of overhang is OK, but you must consider again about back overhang. A small amount of back overhang will be entirely appropriate in some instances. The issue is that so many cars that individuals use with roof load racks do have a rear opening.

If the roof load rack has any back overhang, it may block the back hatch, making it difficult to open. That’s why placing the roof load rack towards the front of your car instead of the back is always a good idea due to the type of car you have. If you’re driving a car with no back door, a minimal back overhang isn’t going to hurt you. Follow the standard procedures for assessing steadiness and ensuring that the car’s roof load rack is the correct size.

Appropriate size roof racks and roof cargo boxes

how much overhang can you have on a roof rack

The roof load or box size is critical, so concentrate on it. When you want your journey to go as well as possible, you must invest in a load box to meet your needs.

If your roof racks are inadequate and you attempt to get the biggest roof load rack available, you will have difficulty. This is an unfortunate accident, and you’ll do everything you can to avoid it.

While using a roof load box, you must keep items in the range. If your roof rack rails are tiny, you should go for a compact roof load rack. You could use a bigger box than average on occasion, but you’ll want to make sure everything is ready ahead of time.

If you like to have a pleasant time outdoors, don’t get a roof load box that is very big for your car. It will automatically give you migraines, and you will hate your decision.


•          Measure the weight your car can transport on its roof before purchasing a roof rack. Examine the roof rack’s allowable load (see the car’s owner’s handbook). 

•          Contact a roof rack expert to determine the best systems for your car and the tools needed for your particular load.

•          Although weight is a concern, extra bulk and height are other factors.

•          Whenever a weight overhangs, you must attach it forward and back of the automobile, irrespective of the equipment used to secure it, to keep it from rising in the air.

•          Roof racks are usually spaced approximately 700mm apart. If the bars are spaced too far apart, your weight may contact the roof between them.

•          The equipment you’ll require will be determined by the load you’ll be transporting.

Final Verdict – how much overhang can you have on a roof rack?

How much overhang can you have on a roof rack? If you’ve read the guide thoroughly, you know the answer. It’s important to select a roof load rack that’s the right size and shape for the car, and other aspects should be considered. It would be best never to overburden your roof rack as you might face issues in your journey. Want to know if roof racks damage your car? Check out our post to read about it here.

Best Roof Rack for Roof Top Tents in 2022

best roof rack for roof top tents

The rooftop racks for top tents are mandatory in 2022. We all want to go hiking trips, camping, and many more. The best roof rack for roof top tents is a great help. It ensures safe camping along with a comfortable experience.

There are many roof racks for top tents available in the market, and everyone has specific features. You can choose the one according to your vehicle model and camping demands. Every roof rack and the top tent is different, so their installation procedure is also variable. Ensure that you check the quality and setting procedure of the roof racks for top tents.

Here we will share the five best roof racks for roof top tents that help you enjoy camping with your friends and family. So let’s dive into it!

Top 5 Best Roof Rack for Roof Top Tents

TMS Low Profile Universal Aluminium Utility Truck Rack

It is the first product on our list that is easy to install. It requires drilling for installation but suits and fits many models. The TMS low-profile roof rack is best for the track that has an adjustable design. This rack size has flexible joints that you can set according to your vehicle or truck requirements. However, the length of the roof rack is 71″, including all the hardware. The material of the TMS low-profile universal aluminum utility truck is high-quality aluminum. It is a low eight but more durable roof rack that lasts more extended thane standard racks. In addition, it has a remarkable loading capacity that perfectly supports the top tent’s weight.

• It is more durable and reliable than the standard roof racks
• It has the adjustable joint
• Amazing weight handling capacity
• Have compatibility with various truck models

• Need drilling for installation

XCAR Roof Rack Carrier Basket Rooftop

The second product on our list is the XCAR roof rack, which has heavy-duty construction regarding material and design. The construction material has a durable black powder coating that gives more durability. So the wind and rain damage will not affect and even protect it from the corrosions. In addition, it has a great weight capacity that will hold the top tents effectively and secure them at longer distances. The dimension of the roof rack is suitable for various models that you want to use for a camping trip. It has an extra-large size with the perfect length and weight or dimensions. You can also use it for carrying luggage, camping tents, and relevant equipment.

• Long-lasting and durable construction material
• Best for the heavyweights
• Perfect dimensions for large or more enormous cargos
• Easy to install with the manual guide

• Extra-large size with no adjustments

Trail FX J029T Roof Rack

Here is another famous roof rack due to its size, construction material, and weight capacity. One of the great benefits is its complete system. You can fit it with the various models ranging from 2007.
It comes with a rigid enough roof rack system to conquer the trail. Moreover, the heavy-duty construction material makes it a perfect choice for the users to use for the top tents. You can mount it quickly with your vehicle as it has the ideal system. The best thing about TrailFX is its corrosion and rust preventive capacity. So it is durable due to the e-coat before the final powder coating.

• It is durable and long-lasting
• It has the heavy-duty construction material
• Prevent rust due to e-coating
• It suits plenty of vehicle models

• It was a bit pricey

HandiRack – The Original Universal Inflatable Roof Rack

Here is the best solution for traveling towards the next camping destination. It is the perfect roof rack for the summer and winter. If you want to get a cost-effective roof rack, you can choose it. It has a metal material with rust resisting capacity and coating. Moreover, it is easy to install and requires five minutes without having any special equipment. You can secure it in your vehicle with the straps by passing them through the ladders. The design of the HandiRack is so compatible with the cars even without having the rails. According to Aero, the design makes it perfect for harsh environments. The construction material has nylon 400D that lasts long due to non-corrosion coating.

• It is easy to install
• It has the corrosion resistance coating
• The great nylon as a construction material
• Durable and reliable with a heavyweight capacity
• Perfect for camping in summer and winters

• It is more expensive than usual

Mockins Roof Rack Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Here is the final product on our list with the superior qualities according to your needs. It is the perfect roof rack for cargo carriers. The dimension of the heavy-duty roof rack is ideal for a wide range of vehicles. You can quickly install it with the easy assembly and installation process. It has heavy-duty steel covered with a coating to prevent rust and corrosion. In addition, it is a secure option that helps you drive safely on challenging roads. You can load the heavyweight at the top rack like the top tents and camping materials.

• Long-lasting with corrosion-resistant properties
• Easy to install with the proper guide
• Perfect for the camping trips
• Suitable for various cargos

• Require more tie-down points

Conclusion – what is the best roof rack for roof top tents?

Now you have the best roof rack for the top tents that you can select according to your choice. Ensure that you check the compatibility of your selected option with your vehicle and then make a wise decision. Moreover, every roof rack in our list has high-quality construction material and dimensions to support your top tent. The roof rack is mandatory to carry heavy loads, especially the top tents. It will enhance your camping experience by two folds.

We hope this guide helps you choose the best roof rack for the top tents and enjoy your new experiences and adventures. Check out our post on the best rooftop cargo bag here.

Top 10+ Best Subaru Crosstrek Roof Rack 2022

best Subaru Crosstrek roof rack

The Subaru Crosstrek is a competent SUV, and it will provide you with a comfortable drive. You will enjoy a spacious cabin, especially after adding the best Subaru Crosstrek roof rack. Moreover, this car’s user-friendly technology will help you drive the car without any complications.

Once you buy this car, we would suggest you purchase a roof rack for it. Adding a roof rack will bring plenty of benefits. For example, you can carry big loads such as bikes or boats. Also, it will provide your Subaru Crosstrek with a much-needed balance. So, here is the list of the best Subaru Crosstrek roof rack.

Best Subaru Crosstrek Roof Rack:

ProductCheck price today
BRIGHTLINES Aero Crossbars Roof Racks
BRIGHTLINES Aero Cross Bars Roof Racks Luggage Rack Replacement for 2013-2017 Subaru Crosstrek
Auxko Car Roof Racks Cross Bars Compatible for 2013-2019 Subaru Crosstrek
MOSTPLUS Roof Rack Cross Bar Rail Compatible for Subaru Crosstrek with Raised Side Rails 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Autekcomma Heavy Duty Lockable Roof Rack Cross Bars Replacement for Subaru Crosstrek 2013-2017
PARTOL Roof Rack Corss Bars for 2013-2017 Subaru XV Crosstrek
Max Loading 260lb Heavy Duty Lockable Roof Rack Cross Bars Replacement for Crosstrek 2013-2017
ALAVENTE Roof Rack Cross Bars Compatible with Subaru Crosstrek 2013-2017 w/ Top Side Rail
YITAMOTOR Roof Rack Cross Bars
Genuine Subaru SOA567B020 Thule Bike Carrier - Roof, 1 Pack
CargoLoc 2-Piece 52" Aluminum Roof Top Cross Bar Set
Genuine Subaru Thule Ski & Snowboard Carrier - SOA567S010
BougeRV Car Roof Rack Cross Bars

Why purchase the best Subaru Crosstrek roof rack?

Attaching a roof rack to your Subaru Crosstrek will be advantageous. Here are the reasons for which you should consider attaching a roof rack to your car:

Your storage space will increase.

A roof rack will enhance your car’s storage space. It will increase the room so that you can carry camping gear such as kayaks, skis, fishing gear, and surfboards. However, depending on the goods you are about to move, you need to choose the right roof rack for your car.

Your vehicle will become more versatile.

Every vehicle comes with limited storage space. There will be numerous things that you cannot carry within the confined space of your car. In that case, adding a roof rack will make your car more versatile. You can take multiple items on your vehicle, such as kayaks and canoes.

Your car will look classier.

Apart from enhancing your car’s utility, the roof rack will also make your Subaru Crosstrek look gorgeous. Sometimes, the bare roof of your vehicle may look too simple. During those times, if you attach a roof rack to your car, it will look sturdier. The best part is you can remove the roof rack whenever you want. If you think that the roof rack does not look good on your car, you can remove it effortlessly.

Your vehicle will get fresh air.

One of the significant benefits that you will come across after adding a roof rack to your Subaru Crosstrek is that your vehicle will get more fresh air. If you are storing lots of goods in your car, there will not be enough space for airflow, which may suffocate you. Only a roof rack can save you from this situation.

It will save your car from interior damage.

If you have a roof rack in your car, you can save your car’s interior from unwanted damage. Instead of carrying the goods inside, you can bring your items on your roof rack, a much safer alternative.

Top-rated 10+ Best Subaru Crosstrek Roof Rack

A great way to add space and versatility to your Subaru Crosstrek is by adding a roof rack. This post will outline the benefits of roof racks, suggest some considerations when choosing one, and list our top 15 favorites with links to where you can buy them!

1. BRIGHTLINES Aero Crossbars Roof Racks Replacement for 2018 2019 2020 2021 Subaru Crosstrek

BRIGHTLINES Aero Crossbars Roof Racks is the first product on the list. It is a competent product that will provide you with the necessary service. One of the most impressive parts of this item is that you can install it easily. It will take a few moments to install or remove this roof rack. The load capacity of the product is 150lbs, which is quite decent.

When you receive this roof rack, you will get numerous things with the package. For instance, you will get four mounting brackets, two crossbars, a manual, and all the hardware pieces. Compared to the rear crossbar, the front crossbar is a bit longer. However, it accommodates the size of the vehicle. In addition, you don’t have to worry about any drilling while installing this roof rack.

You can also carry plenty of components such as kayaks, canoes, luggage, camping gear, fishing poles, bikes, and other things.


  • It is an easy-to-install item.
  • You will get everything you need with this package.
  • Aerodynamic design will reduce wind noise.
  • It can carry multiple components.
  • There is no drilling required to install this roof rack.


  • Some users are complaining about unwanted noises.

2. BRIGHTLINES Aero Cross Bars Roof Racks Luggage Rack Replacement for 2013-2017 Subaru Crosstrek

This product is another roof rack that you can consider adding to your Subaru CrossTrek. It will be a beneficial addition to your car. The makers used high-quality aluminum to construct this item. Therefore, it is durable as well as lightweight. Plus, it is capable of withstanding 150 pounds of weight if you can divide the weight evenly.

You don’t have to worry about the wind noise as it comes with an aerodynamic shape. Installing this roof rack is also a straightforward process. You won’t have to spend more than a few minutes installing this roof rack. The packaging you will get will consist of hardware pieces, mounting towers, crossbars, and instructions.

To make the product compatible with Subaru crosstrek, the makers kept the front crossbars longer than the rear crossbars.


  • You can install this item effortlessly.
  • There will be no wind noise due to the aerodynamic shape of the roof rack.
  • The crossbars are adjustable.
  • The load capacity of the product is 150 lbs.
  • It is a durable product.


  • The sturdiness of this product is not suitable for mounting a bike.

3. Auxo Car Roof Racks Cross Bars Compatible for 2013-2019 Subaru Crosstrek

This product is a heavy-duty roof rack. The manufacturers used high-grade aluminum to craft the bars. Also, the base of the bars comprises high-quality plastic. The heavy-duty clamping design of the product ensures the security of the components that you care about. Compared to steel, aluminum is a lighter metal. Therefore, your fuel consumption will be less.

The working capacity of this roof rack is quite impressive. It can withstand weight up to 150 lbs. Therefore, it is compatible with canoes, kayaks, ladders, sporting goods, luggage, bike carriers, and various other things. However, you have to verify that you are distributing the weights evenly. This roof rack comes in an aerodynamic shape. Consequently, there will be no issues regarding wind noises.

Assembling this roof rack is relatively easy. You will get both front and rear instructions so that you can install it precisely. It will not take long at all to install this product.


  • This roof rack comes with an ultra-large capacity.
  • You don’t have to stress about fuel wastage.
  • There will be no instances of wind noise.
  • You can assemble it within a few minutes.
  • It comprises heavy-duty material.


  • Some screws are coming out faulty.

4. MOSTPLUS Roof Rack Cross Bar Rail Compatible for Subaru Crosstrek 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 With Raised Side Rails

MOSTPLUS Roof Rack Cross Bar Rail is a reliable product. You can install this roof rack on your Subaru Crosstrek without any hesitation. The first thing that will entice you is its heavy-duty clamping design. It will make sure that all your components stay in place securely.

The quality of the item is also outstanding. It comes with marine-grade high-quality aluminum alloy. It will support all types of luggage and ladders. The maximum load ability of this roof rack is 150 lbs. Assembling this product is pretty easy, and you can remove it within a few minutes as well.

You will get all the necessary hardware pieces in the package. Therefore, there is no need for cutting or drilling.


  • It comes with a seamless design.
  • You will find a soft rubber pad in this product.
  • The unique design will also lower the noise.
  • The superior material of the product enhances its longevity and durability.
  • It doesn’t require cutting or grilling.


  • Some users are not happy with the provided instructions.

5. Autekcomma Heavy Duty Lockable Roof Rack

If you are looking for a roof rack that can protect your ride, look nowhere else. This product comes with a soft rubber pad to protect the car’s roof from scratches and other damage. In addition, the crossbars come with anti-theft features. Each bar will have a lock and key so that you can secure the load precisely. The crossbars are also heavy-duty crossbars. The aluminum structure not only ensures its durability but avoids unwanted vibration.

This item is adjustable, which makes it a convenient alternative. The installation process of the roof rack is not complicated. You will get a 3-inch extension between the two roof rails. Besides, compared to most of the roof racks, it comes with more loading capacity. To be precise, it can hold a weight up to 260lbs. Another noteworthy feature of this product is that it comes with low wind resistance. Plus, it will avoid noise and feature an anti-corrosion trait.


  • It comes with a heavy-duty crossbar.
  • This crossbar is convenient as well as adjustable.
  • It has low wind resistance.
  • This product has an anti-corrosion feature.
  • The soft rubber pad will avoid scratching the top.


  • The labeling and the introduction sheet are not satisfactory.

6. Partial Roof Rack Cross Bars for 2013-2017 Subaru XV Crosstrek

Streamline water drop design is one of the catchy features of this product. The purpose of this design is to lower down the wind resistance and avoid irritating noise. You can carry an array of things like cargo basket luggage, bike kayak, cycles, snowboards, and other things as well.

You will also get a black powder-coated surface, which makes it anti-corrosion and waterproof. Besides, easy assembly of the product makes it a convenient choice. You don’t have to waste much time and effort installing this roof rack. There is no necessity for drilling and cutting.

The durable and robust construction of this product reduces the wind noise by 70% to 80%. It is suitable for all mounts, such as bare roof mount and raised side rail mount.


  • It arrives with a streamlined water drop design.
  • You can carry a lot of things with the help of this roof rack.
  • The roof rack is waterproof and anti-corrosion.
  • Installing this item is relatively easy.
  • The product has a solid and durable construction.


  • No cons.

7. Max Loading 260lb Heavy Duty Lockable Roof Rack Cross Bars

It is another product from the family of Autekcomma. One of the best features of this roof rack is that it can bear weight up to 260 lbs. Therefore you can perceive that it is a strong product that will help you carry numerous things in your car. With this roof rack on your side, you can avoid unwanted scratches on your car roof rack. The rubber padding will protect your vehicle. Also, it will provide security to your car. For instance, it comes with an anti-theft feature. In addition, you will get a lock and key for each crossbar.

The crossbar is heavy-duty. Hence, you can utilize it for a long time. It will fit perfectly into your vehicle and will not create any vibration during roof rack usage. Plus, there will be no issues regarding the corrosion as it is a corrosion-free product.


  • It can bear a maximum load of 260 lbs.
  • This product is convenient as well as adjustable.
  • You don’t have to give much time and effort to remove this product.
  • The aluminum structure ensures the robustness of the product.
  • It will not create any noise while driving.


  • The rear bar is too long.

8. ALEVANTE Roof Rack Cross Bars Compatible with Subaru Crosstrek 2013-2017

This crossbar comes with a humanized design. The low-profile streamlined design will reduce the wind noise as well as resistance more competently. Thus, installing this roof rack into your Subaru Crosstrek will be a great decision. It is efficient enough to withstand the maximum load capacity of 150 lbs. So, you can consider it to be the ideal choice for carrying loads in your car.

It is harmonious with carrying numerous things. For example, you can carry cargo, luggage, skis, bikes, snowboards, and kayaks on your car’s roof. You will receive all the essential things in your packages, such as side feet, mount bolts, and other important things. Besides, the installation process of this product is fairly straightforward.

The molded aluminum alloy mix is a solid and durable product. Besides, the powder-coated surface ensures the stable trait of this roof rack.


  • It is a lightweight and durable product.
  • The black powder-coated surface will ensure the longevity of the roof rack.
  • You can assemble the parts effortlessly, and you have to spend a few minutes removing the rack.
  • It will reduce wind noise.
  • You don’t have to care about cutting and drilling.


  • It has no visible issues.

9. YITAMOTOR Roof Rack Cross Bars

If you are searching for a competent roof rack for your Subaru Crosstrek that can benefit every aspect, you are at the right place. It consists of high-quality marine-grade aluminum alloy. You will not get any chance to raise your eyebrows when it comes to the quality of the product. Due to this material, this roof rack boasts anti-corrosion and anti-rust features.

The design of the item is also multi-functional. It provides a perfect foundation so that you can carry bike carriers, rooftop accessories, and cargo boxes. Besides, you can use the crossbar for carrying Kayaks, luggage, canoe, snowboards, fishing poles, ski bikes, and various other components.

The aerodynamic design of the product will help you reduce unwanted noises. Thus, you don’t have to encounter any irritating noise or vibration whenever you drive your vehicle.


  • The streamlined design makes the product more competent.
  • The maximum load capacity of the product is 150 lbs.
  • No unwanted noise.
  • Carry multiple things with the help of this roof rack.
  • Makers used the premium material to craft the rack.


  • The product is a bit noisy.

10. Genuine Subaru SOA567B020 Thule Bike Carrier

If you are looking for a roof rack made explicitly for carrying bikes, it is the ideal option for you. When it comes to the quality, you will not get disappointed. The manufacturers used the best quality components to develop this product.

Apart from the quality, the effectiveness of the product is also outstanding. It will work perfectly on your vehicle and will provide you with multiple benefits. Well, it will protect your car from unwanted noises and bring some stability to your vehicle. You can depend on this rack without any confusion. It is OEM, and for that reason, there will be no issues regarding the product’s compatibility.

This product is universally fit, which is also an advantage.


  • Compatible with all the OEM specifications.
  • The makers ensure the high quality of the product.
  • You can depend on this product without any hesitation.
  • It is the perfect alternative for your roof rack.
  • The rack will protect your car from noise and vibration.


  • Some customers are finding it challenging to align.

11. CargoLoc 2-Piece 52″ Aluminum Roof Top Cross Bar

You will get all the beneficial traits if you buy this product. It is a high-quality product that consists of a rigid aluminum body. The best part about aluminum is that it is lightweight, yet it comes with considerable strength. Looking at this benefit, the manufacturers included aluminum in this item. So, choosing this roof rack never goes wrong.

The load capacity of this product is 150 lbs. Therefore you can perceive the fact that the roof rack will carry several things effortlessly. For example, it can be a kayak, skis, mountain bikes, or other items. Besides, it is a heavy-duty product that will keep on providing you with the service for a long time.

The heavy-duty clamping mechanism will ensure the security of the crossbars. In addition, the tie-down features of the product are adjustable and lockable.


  • It comes with high-quality construction.
  • Carry plenty of items with this roof rack on your car.
  • The loading capacity of the product is 150lbs.
  • This rack will bring safety and security to your product.
  • The rigid aluminum body provides considerable strength.


  • Some of the roof racks are coming out noisy.

12. Genuine Subaru SOA567S010 Thule Ski & Snowboard Carrier

Like most of the other products on the list, this roof rack comes with the best quality. If you are scheduling to replace your current roof rack with this one, that is the best decision. The roof rack comes at a reasonable price.

Due to its high quality, the effectiveness of the product will be considerable. It will also be compatible with the OEM requirements. Hence, it will work in sequence once you install this roof rack in your car.

We can understand that choosing the right part of your car is a difficult job. But in the case of this item, you don’t have to give much effort. You can carry several things once you install the roof rack in your car.

Some of the things you can carry are skis, snowboards, cargos, roof bags, and several other things. In addition, it will be easier for you to conduct hiking and other adventures as you can carry your favorite toys.


  • It includes all the best quality materials.
  • This item is considerably durable.
  • Compatible with all the requirements of OEM.
  • The carrier is harmonious with the universal fit type.
  • The rack can carry multiple components.


  • It may show some problems during the cold weather.

How to choose the best Subaru Crosstrek roof rack?

best Subaru Crosstrek roof rack

We mentioned some of the best roof racks that you can buy for your Subaru Crosstrek above. Once you decide to choose anyone from the list, we would request you to consider these points:

Style and design

It is one of the primary considerations that you have to make. After installing a roof rack, the look of your car will change significantly. Therefore, invest some time in choosing the style and design of the rack.


Next, you have to examine the size of the item. Make sure that the size and design of the roof rack are compatible with your car. Don’t go for cheap products. You need to understand that different roof racks have different sizes. The makers make it based on different sizes. If you have a big car, you can choose larger roof racks. Similarly, smaller cars will have small roof racks.


Strength is an important parameter. If you invest in cheap items, there is a possibility that those items will not be strong enough. Hence, don’t miss checking the strength of the roof rack before placing your order. Otherwise, you may have to witness some unwanted incidents and quality issues.


Make a list of the accessories that you are about to use before buying your product. The list of accessories is quite lengthy. The accessories you may have to carry are roof baskets, kayaks carriers, bike carriers, and numerous others. So, choose the accessories that you have to take and make your choice.


There are several types of roof racks. You can buy a permanent one or a temporary one. The list that we provided comprises removable roof racks. It will be helpful if you are concerned about the look of your car.

Buying Guide for the Best Subaru Crosstrek Roof Rack

best Subaru Crosstrek roof rack

If you can follow a specific approach before buying the roof rack, the result will be worthwhile.


Weight is an essential factor that you have to scrutinize before purchasing your roof rack. A heavy roof rack doesn’t define a strong roof rack. All our mentioned products are a lightweight, but they are strong enough. Most of them include high-quality aluminum alloy. Hence there will be stronger without sacrificing weight.


Choosing the modular roof rack will be your best decision. It will allow you to assemble the racks within a short time. Thus, you don’t have to face many complications. Furthermore, it will be wise to choose modular racks because you change them according to your needs.


Durability is an essential characteristic of a roof rack. If you look at our products, you will find out that they all consist of the best quality material. Thus, it will be a fruitful conclusion if you choose any one of our mentioned products.

Product Support

Not all the products are the same. Hence, you may have to face some quality issues sometimes. During those times, product support is imperative. So choose the brand that provides good product support.

It will help you at various times. If you have any doubts regarding the item, the product support should give you the solution.

All Metal

It should be an all-metal body. Compared to plastic, metals are always a better option. Using a plastic roof rack will increase the chance of failure. So always go for the all-metal ones. You can also grab any product from our list as all of them consist of metal. Most of them have aluminum alloy.

User Guide for the Best Subaru Crosstrek Roof Rack

best subaru crosstrek roof rack

While using a roof rack, you have to follow a user guide. It will make sure of your safety as well as your vehicle’s safety. Thus, the user has to understand the precautions. Or else, it may attract unwanted events. Following the guide will ensure your safety.

Here are the points that you must check:

  • Don’t forget to use the recommended racks. Never forget to check the current fit guide before installing. Otherwise, it may not fit your vehicle. To avoid this situation, we would suggest you go through the fit guide thoroughly.
  • Always stay within the maximum load limit. Exceeding the limit is something that you must avoid. It may damage your rooftop, your car, or it can generate some accidents.
  • Ensure to keep all the doors of your car open whenever you are mounting the roof rack system. All the accessories such as knobs, screws, bolts, and straps are in place. You have to inspect it periodically so that you can find out the signs of wear and corrosion.
  • If you are not using the roof rack, we would suggest you remove it. Besides, before going to a car wash, you have to remove the rack.
  • To make sure of a smooth operation, you have to take care of your locks. You have to check the locks are moving periodically. To enhance the movement of the locks, you can use graphite or any other dry lubricant.
  • With the help of the provided straps, you have to secure the loads.
  • Finally, obey all the speed limits. No matter where you are, you have to abide by the speed limit of that specific area.
  • Other than the recommended purposes, you must not use this roof rack. Plus, don’t exceed the loading capacity, or you will not get the value of your warranty.

How much weight can a Subaru Crosstrek carry?

Most of the time, the carrying capacity depends on the model that you are buying. Suppose you look at the list that we delivered, you will find out that most roof racks can take loads up to 150 lbs. Apart from that, some of the items can carry 260 pounds which is pretty impressive. So, if the loading capacity is one of your concerns, here are some of the items you can check.

Autekcomma Heavy Duty Lockable Roof Rack

It is one of the heavy-duty racks that are capable of withstanding the maximum load of 260 lbs. With this rack on your side, you can carry several components in your car. Additionally, it will help you save some internal space.

Apart from this load-bearing capacity, it will provide you with other benefits. For instance, you can assemble it effortlessly.

Max Loading 260lb Heavy Duty Lockable Roof Rack Cross Bars

It is another product that can bear a load up to 260 lbs. It is also a heavy-duty item that comes with outstanding durability and longevity. You can carry several components in this roof rack, such as bikes, Kayaks, skimboards, and other toys. Choosing this rack will be an excellent decision for your adventure. It will also provide the necessary balance to your car.

BRIGHTLINES Aero Cross Bars Roof Racks Luggage Rack Replacement for 2013-2017 Subaru Crosstrek

Now, this item is capable of holding loads up to 150 pounds. However, it is an efficient product that will help you to carry an array of loads. The best part of this product is that it is easy to assemble. It will take a few minutes to install it on your car’s rooftop.

Hence, choose any one of these roof racks and carry a considerable amount of load.

Top Features of the Best Subaru Crosstrek Roof Rack

Features are one of the substantial reasons for which most people choose these products. So, we will mention the top features to help you comprehend their efficiency. Here is the list of the features.


All our mentioned products are durable. It is because the manufacturers incorporated the best quality materials to make all these products. Hence no one will be able to raise concerns regarding the durability of the product.


Sometimes, some roof racks make unwanted noises due to air. You must go for the one from the list that is wind resistant. Consequently, it will not create any unwanted sounds. We can understand that the wind noises can be annoying and thus, you must keep this in mind.

Easy to assemble

The roof racks from our list are easy to assemble. You barely have to spend a few minutes to mount those roof racks to your car top. So you will not lose much of your time. Besides, there is no need to give herculean efforts to assemble the items.


The crossbars are adjustable. Hence, you can place them according to your preference. It will add convenience to your car.

Aerodynamic shape

The aerodynamic shape is one of the unique features of these roof racks. This design ensures wind resistance and enhances the noiseless feature. In addition, due to this aerodynamic design, they don’t create any noise.


All the roof racks are lightweight yet robust. Due to their light-weightedness, you can mount them on the roof of your car quickly.

So, take all these features to your account and choose based on your message, please. These top features are responsible for the popularity of these products.

Why do we recommend these best Subaru Crosstrek roof racks?

best Subaru Crosstrek roof rack

There are plenty of grounds to choose these items amongst all. For instance, you will enjoy numerous benefits. Besides, your car will be a safer place due to these roof racks. Here, we will try to discuss those reasons.


All our recommended products are of the best quality, which is one of the reasons they recommend them. The makers infused the best materials to craft these items. Hence we would suggest you not raise any concern when it comes to the quality of the products. Most of them have aluminum alloy, which makes them lightweight yet strong.


We know that the products that we introduced are lightweight. However, when it comes to strength, they are the winner. All of them are capable of taking an impressive amount of load. You can carry bikes, kayaks, ski-boards, and other things.

Strong build

The built quality of the racks in the list is impressive. Due to their build quality, they can do the needful for a long time. Therefore, the overall longevity of the product improves due to the built quality.

Enhances safety

Adding a roof rack to your vehicle can make it safer. It will increase the stability of your car. Also, with a roof rack, you can carry a lot of things safely. You don’t have to sacrifice the internal space of your car. Besides, the airflow inside the vehicle will increase.

We have already mentioned the top features of our products. Once you give it a read, you will comprehend its efficiency. They encompass all the best features which make them desirable amongst the consumers.

We took note of the features before presenting them in front of you. So, don’t get disappointed when it comes to the features.

Can you put a rooftop tent on a Subaru Crosstrek?

Can you put a rooftop tent on a Subaru Crosstrek

Yes, you can add a rooftop tent on a Subaru Crosstrek. It is one of the newest and innovative features that this brand introduced. It will be a great feature if you leave an active life. With the help of this feature, you can travel a vast area in comfort.

The tent will allow you to live an exciting lifestyle. You will get numerous tents, and amongst them, you can choose the one you think is the best for your car.

The weight of the tents should not be your concern as they fall under the loading capacity of your car. Most of the time, they are 118 pounds, which falls under the recommended weight. The best part is that two people can sleep in those tents. So if you are driving with your partner, carrying those tents will be a great adventure.

These tents are easy to set up. It will provide you with maximum ventilation whenever you need it. It includes a light density mattress which will help you to fold the tent quickly. Plus, the tents are strong enough to accommodate two people. So, if you want to stay away from the chaos for some time, choose these tents.

Hence, if you think of including a tent on the top of your car, consider it a good idea. It will make your vehicle more efficient, and you can enjoy numerous adventures.


best subaru Crosstrek roof rack

What are the components of a roof rack?

A roof rack comprises multiple components. Here is the list of the parts of a roof rack.

  • The feet where you will make the bar sit.
  • A fitting kit compatible with a specific vehicle.
  • The bar that you will find across the roof rack.

What kind of roof rack do I need?

Roof racks are compatible with 90% of vehicles. However, you have to find the specific parts that will fit your vehicle. Also, you have to choose whether you want a permanent roof rack or a temporary roof rack.

We would suggest you the removable roof rack. With a removable roof rack, you can change the look of your car whenever you want.

What is the difference between a roof rack and roof rails?

Roof rails are present on both sides of the roof. To be precise, it is present in the front as well as the rear of the top. Most of the time, they are factory fitted, and you cannot use them as roof racks.

To know more about the reference, we suggest you go through the points mentioned earlier in the discussion. You will get a brief idea of roof racks.

How to use a roof rack?

To understand the usage of a roof rack, you have to go through the guide. We would suggest you go through the user guide meticulously. You can check the points that we mentioned in the user guide.

Following those points will protect you from unwanted accidents. The general safety off the roof racks will get a boost if you follow the user guide.

So these are the best roof rack for Subaru Crosstrek. You can choose any one of these products, and they will bring you numerous benefits. All of them are competent and will make your journey better.

Looking at their features will help you to understand their efficiency. The features will also give you a brief idea about the benefits of those items.

Once you look at those benefits, you can bring the best one to your home and install it on your car’s roof.

The quality of the roof racks is outstanding, and they are efficient enough to bear a good amount of weight. Therefore, the strength and durability of these items are satisfactory. You will not get any chance to raise questions regarding these products.


When choosing the best Subaru Crosstrek roof rack, it’s important to consider what you want and need. We recommend reading our list of top rated racks above and making an informed decision based on your needs and wants. Whether you are looking for a low-cost option or something more high-end, we got you covered!

What are the bars on top of cars called?

bars on top of cars


What are the bars on top of cars called? The bars that criss-cross and connect to form a frame over the roof of your vehicle are called a “roof rack.”

A roof rack is used for carrying extra gear such as bicycles, skis, or kayaks. The racks can be mounted permanently or folded down when not in use. There are two different types of roof racks: those that mount to the door frames and those that mount onto factory-installed rails.

What are the bars on top of cars called?

They are called roof racks or car racks, but they can transport large and heavy objects.

Can you add roof racks aftermarket?

I get this question a lot, and the answer is yes. You can add roof rails aftermarket. The easiest way to do it is by using a 3M mounting system.

What are roof racks?

bars on top of a car

Roof racks allow you to install accessories on top of your vehicles, such as racks and bike carriers, without drilling holes in your car or modifying its structure in any way.

The most common way people put roof rails on their vehicles is at the front edge of the trunk lid (the area just behind the back seat). If desired, they can also be placed all around the perimeter of your vehicle’s roofline. Roof racks come with brackets that attach them securely to your car’s sheet metal.

Aftermarket, you can add roof racks (see our post here for the best roof racks for a Toyota Prius). However, it is recommended that you have the installation done by a certified mechanic to prevent injuries and ensure the roof rack is attached correctly.

Can you install roof racks on any car?

Do you have to buy a specific type of car to get roof racks for it?

Can you put them on any car, or do they only work with some models? Let’s find out!

First, let’s look at the different types of cars that offer this feature. If we go down the list of popular makes and model years, there are quite a few options: Mercedes-Benz E-Class (2010 – 2018), Audi A4 (2008 – 2020), BMW 3 Series (2012 – 2019), etc.

So yes, these features will be available on many models from these manufacturers. But what if your vehicle is not listed here? Then don’t worry. There are many different options available for every type of vehicle.

Conclusion – what are the bars on top of cars called?

In conclusion, the bars on top of cars are called roof racks. I like roof racks. They are great for hauling items you don’t want inside the vehicle. You can even transport a kayak!

Can I Go Through a Car Wash with Roof Racks?

car wash with roof racks

One of the most common questions we get is whether or not you can go through a car wash with roof racks. The answer to that question depends on the type of racks and specific features, but it typically boils down to one thing – if there’s an option for high-pressure water jets to clean off the dirt from underneath the vehicle, then yes. Roof racks are designed not to obstruct visibility when driving around town, which means you can usually drive through a car wash with roof racks without any issues at all!

Yes, you can go through a car wash with roof racks. In-car washes, sometimes the roller brushes are not in the ideal condition due to their intensive use and can lead to some damage to the bodywork. You wash the vehicle by yourself at the car wash stations, but that takes more time and effort. An ideal time for cleaning your car is when you go on a trip or return from it, because our geography is full of car washes, and you can wash your vehicle on the go.

What are the risks when going through a car wash with roof racks?

car wash with roof racks

Some unsuitable brushes can scratch the paint. Some leave traces of plastic that can look like scratches. Today, almost all bristles are made of polyethylene, a material very similar to textile fibres. When coordinated with proper watering, there is usually no risk to paint. The many complaints that come to us about scratches generally come from other reasons.

For example, grains of sand or very intricate dirt, or even dirt from the previous car, which has not been adequately dislodged and remains on the brushes, can cause scratches on the bodywork.

So a tip is to wash your car in a car wash on a rainy day. The dirt on the body will be softer and partly already detached. Another tip is to give it a pre-wash: this way, you remove superficial dirt and the dreaded grains of sand.

Tips for Going Through a Car Wash with Roof Racks:

When you go through a car wash with roof racks, make sure your roof racks are secured.

Secure your roof racks tightly to your car so that nothing is loose or hanging off of them, such as luggage. This will ensure the rack doesn’t get caught in anything during the car wash cycle and damage either vehicle. Also, make sure there are no items attached to the roof racks, so they don’t fly off during the car wash cycle and do any damage or even injure someone walking by outside!

Make sure the water and soap do not damage your roof racks during the car wash.

Ensure that your roof racks do not get damaged during the car wash cycle. This can cause rust or other damage to your roof racks that make them unsafe, and you will no longer be able to transport items safely on top of your car. So, take care when going through a car wash!

Sometimes car washes will try to remove dirt attached to anything strapped onto your car’s roof with high-pressure water hoses – keep an eye out for this happening during the car wash cycle. You might want to cover up expensive luggage or skis just in case it has lots of value!

Read over everything before starting the carwash. Before taking off into the self-serve carwash, be sure everyone is buckled in tightly inside your vehicles. If you are worried about damage, read our post here to answer ‘do roof racks damage your car?’.

If you do need to remove your roof racks, do so before entering the car wash.

By doing this, carwash attendants will be aware that they shouldn’t use water pressure to clean off the roof rack and belts.

Make sure your cargo is safe inside the vehicle before driving into a car wash with roof racks.

car wash with roof racks

Once you have finished going through a car wash completely, carefully remove any remaining water off of your exterior before driving away from the car wash bay. Just remember that both vehicles need to go through these steps together at once if they’re sharing one car wash station.

Avoid using automatic washes that have brushes.

This can cause damage to the paintwork.

Ask the car wash attendant about the brushless system before going through the car wash with roof racks.

If you have a car with roof racks, it is entirely okay to drive through the car wash as long as you’re not carrying anything on top of those car rack bars.

When going through self-service car washes, always check the brushless system car washes first because they’ll be gentler and safer for your vehicle’s exterior paintwork. If there is no roof rack on top of your car, then you won’t be able to go through one at all due to safety precautions. Avoid using automatic car washing machines – especially if they have rotating brushes – since these can damage the exterior paintwork of vehicles.

Choose the right car wash program.

First, it depends on your budget and the weather. In winter, we recommend one with active foam, hot wax, and underbody wash. The prices for a standard washing program start at 5 dollars in the US, and the most intensive can go up to 15. See the prices for car washes from Car Wash USA here.

Put the car in the correct position.

Close the windows and the sunroof and with the engine running, deactivate the windscreen wipers and the rain sensor. Put the central locking system on to prevent the fuel cap from opening. And it is better to fold the mirrors and, if possible, remove the antenna from the radio. The specific indications of each car wash are usually visible on a poster.

Measures after the car wash.

Dry immediately with a microfiber cloth to avoid unwanted traces of water. Review areas that are difficult to access by hands, such as the seals of the doors, hood, and trunk. Wash all the windows with glass cleaner.

Mobile or static car wash?

It does not matter. The result is usually the same; in both cases, similar cleaning products and the same material for the brushes are used.


If you have suffered any damage, immediately call someone in charge and put it in writing and sign. Thoroughly review the status of the company and its license to have a car wash. All this information can be decisive in case of conflict.

Conclusion – can you go through a car wash with roof racks?

One of the most common questions we get is whether or not you can go through a car wash with your roof rack. The answer to that question depends on the type of racks and specific features, but it typically boils down to one thing- if there’s an option for high-pressure water jets to clean off the dirt from underneath the vehicle, then yes. Roof racks are designed not to obstruct visibility when driving around town, which means you can usually drive through a car wash without any issues at all!

What is the best roof rack system?

best roof rack system

Thule Sport Rack Complete Roof Rack System is the best roof rack system. The roof bars, also called roof bars or roof racks, are helpful support that allows us to use the roof of our car to transport suitcases, packages, or even bicycles safely.

To make the most of their advantages, carefully choosing the most suitable model for our car is advisable.

The most suitable roof bars are handy in case of travel or moving, or in any case when the trunk of our car is too small, and we need additional space.

And also, the roof racks are the best solution when we need to carry bulky items such as canoes, bicycles, and surfboards.

Specifically, the roof bars are longitudinal crosspieces made of resistant materials (mostly aluminum with rubber or PVC finishes) fixed to the car roof through customized hooks.

The Best Roof Rack System for Cars

After this brief introduction to the world of roof bars, the time has come to review the main features of the best roof bars for cars available on the market and available in online stores such as Amazon and other e-commerce portals.

Therefore, below we will analyze in detail the products of the best brands to allow you to choose the one that best suits your car and your needs.

Thule Sport Rack Complete Roof Rack System

best roof rack system

Let’s start with the Thule Sport Rack Complete Roof Rack System. This product is easy to install on many popular cars and SUVs.

It is compatible with many different accessories so it can carry bikes, kayaks, skies etc.

Product includes everything you need – load bars, hooks, feet, and locks.

How to choose the best roof rack system?

After having thoroughly analyzed the best models on the market, the time has come to move on to the real buying guide.

And it is precisely to help you choose the product that best suits your needs. Below, we will provide you with all the necessary information on how to select the roof bars concerning your needs and your car and performance and quality ratio price.


The first aspect that we must consider when choosing is the compatibility of the roof bars with our car.

Most of the products on the market indeed fall into universal roof bars.


Another factor to consider when choosing the product that best suits our needs is the dimensions of the roof bars for cars.

These are strictly related to the type of vehicle roof on which we want to mount them since, in order not to compromise the stability of the load, the cross members must never protrude beyond the roof of the car.

To overcome this problem, there are mostly telescopic roof bars on the market, that is, adaptable to different lengths that generally range from 75 to 120 cm. Then there are the XL roof bars that reach up to 140 cm.


An aspect to be taken into consideration is the materials of the roof bars for cars.

In this regard, on the market, we can find aluminum roof bars, which are lighter, more beautiful.


Whatever material they are made of, all roof racks for cars have a load limit that cannot be exceeded.

This is because the roof of any car can hold up to a maximum weight going beyond which there is a risk of compromising the vehicle’s bodywork.

Conclusion – what is the best roof rack system?

The best roof rack system for your vehicle is the Thule Sport Rack Complete Roof Rack System.