Can You Put A Bike Rack On A Prius

Yes, of course. You can easily put a bike rack on a Prius. Nothing to worry about it.

If you are looking for a bike rack to put on Prius, you should buy a quality one if you do not want your bike to roll alone on the highway.

You can buy Kuat Racks or The Electric Life bike to put a bike rack on a Prius.

Kuat Racks NV 2.0 (bike rack) | You can buy it.

After several revisions to the previous model, Kuat decides to launch this new NV 2.0 design, which improves on padlocked cables that fit the bases, has an advanced pivot system with foot assistance, and ratchet design for easy front release.

In this ball bike rack, you can carry two bikes of a maximum of 27 kg, with a 48 ”wheelbase and with thick wheels of up to 4.8”.

However, this 2-inch model will be able to carry up to 4 bikes with the additional option of NV 2.0 Add On, so if you have a large family this mount would work great for you.

It has a cradle system for the front wheel that wraps the wheel giving it a greater contact and support area.

As well as making it much more reliable when it comes to getting your bikes out on the road.

In addition, the straps are longer and are made with tire and bike care in mind.

The Electric Life (bike rack)  You can buy it

The Electric Life is a small, simple and inexpensive roof rack. It is placed on the roof of the car and is attached to the roof rack.

You will hardly notice that you are wearing the support. Because it is very small and compact and hardly resists the wind.

So you can leave it installed without noticing a lot of noise due to friction with the wind.

Only one bicycle can be placed, but in the case of wanting to carry another you can buy second support and place it next to it, the economic price will allow you to buy more than one without having to spend too much.

It is suitable for any type of bicycle and wheel size, including electric or disc brake bikes. And the design allows for easy assembly in just a few minutes.

So there is no major hassle in installation. The rear wheel support is oscillating so it adjusts to any wheel thickness.

One cons is that when carrying the bike on the roof of the car, the resistance to the wind can make a lot of noise.

You will even have to hold the pedals so that they do not start to spin and make excessive noise.

Which bike rack best suits your vehicle?

Which bike rack best suits your vehicle

As we have already mentioned, the car bike rack has to adapt to you. And your needs and not vice versa, that is why you have to choose a model that is compatible with your car.

You already know that if it is a tall vehicle it is not advisable to carry the bicycles on the roof because you will not be able to enter small parking lots.

Or if you do not have a tow ball it is not necessary to buy and approve one just to install the bike rack, you can take another model.

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