Buy A Roof Rack For Prius

For those with more cargo needs, the HandiRack roof racks can be a good alternative.

These bars have a width of 135 centimeters and increase the total load capacity up to 90 kilos in weight.

These bars are made of high-quality and resistant aluminum, which does not add additional weight to the vehicle and allows the bars to be kept securely attached at all times.

An assembly that is simple thanks to its universal type installation.

So that they can be easily mounted on any car compatible with these measures. Something that also allows the roof bars to be removed when we are not using them.


HandiRack roof racks feature a lightweight and practical design. In addition, you can use them on the roof of the vehicle without causing damage or scratches to the body of the same.

Thanks to the shape of its structure, it is possible to place them at different levels of distance from each other, so that you will have the possibility of adapting them to your space needs and the type of luggage that you are going to transport.

The edges of the bars are covered with plastic, which protects the corners.

In addition, they have a spherical design, which prevents sharp metal from being exposed.


These luggage bars are made of aluminum, a strong and resistant metal, but at the same time light, which allows you to move them from one place to another without major inconveniences.

Also, they do not add too much additional weight to the roof of the vehicle in which you are traveling.

Apart from supporting a lot of loads, they have been designed with aerodynamic technology and have a profiled shape, which makes it possible to carry heavy loads firmly.

This allows delicate objects to be moved on the roof of the car, without the danger of them falling over.

Before deciding which roof rack to buy, you should consider its capacity and also that of the roof of your vehicle.


  • Materials: HandiRack roof racks offers you an option in roof racks made almost entirely of aluminum, being durable and resistant. So that you can get the most out of your investment.
  • Dimensions: It is made up of a set of two bars, each with a length of 135 centimeters, which makes them compatible with a large number of vehicles. However, we recommend that you inspect your car before purchasing them.
  • Security: both bars have security padlocks that can be opened with a key to prevent someone else from being able to remove them.
  • Rubber: and on its upper face, you will find a rubber that runs the entire length of the bar, offering better traction to minimize the risk of your luggage slipping.
  • Remove System: Once the trip is over, you can easily remove them. In this case, just turn the lock to unlock the mechanism and proceed to disassemble them.


  • Noise: It seems that one of their disadvantages is that they can produce a hissing noise when riding at high speeds, which is annoying for some users, although others indicate that this can be avoided by covering the gaps between the bars.

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