Best Kayak Racks in 2022

Kayaking is a fun sport unless you come to the daunting task of carrying it with you. Are you searching for the best kayak racks? We have some reliable and impressive options to move to your kayak.

When you start kayaking or any other water sport, remember that paddling in lakes and rivers is only half of the commotion. The reason is that they are too long to carry in your vehicle comfortably. Getting a rack on your automobile’s rooftop is much more convenient than hauling the trailers.

In case you are new to kayaking, there are various types and styles of racks. It depends upon your choice and vehicle to choose the best kayak rack. It would help if you considered the rack type according to your car, the capacity of your kayak, and the ease of its installation.

Best Kayak Rack

Following are the best kayak racks that you can consider to make your purchase:

Leader Accessories Kayak

This kayak rack consists of a dual pack of J-style racks. It is a must that your car already has the crossbars to make the secure installation.


Heavy-duty Design

The rack’s steel body construction is what provides it the firmness and sturdiness. It has a 22mm diameter and 1.5mm thick steel tube. Plus, steel is also not prone to rusting and withstands all unfavorable weather conditions as well.

Minimal Scratch

Your car is also precious, and it will not be pleasant if your kayak rack puts scratches on the rooftop. In this regard, this rack provides foam and rubber padding, which will not get any scratches.


This is what we usually seek in kayak racks. The folding and raising qualities are far better than other racks in the competition. They decline the need to remove them when they are not in use.

Yakima Kayak Rack

If we give a reward for giving out the low-maintenance kayak racks, Yakima will win it. This rack can adjust two kayaks mounting one on its side, and can handle 110 pounds. You can also carry your single kayak in J style, and it can support it by managing the capacity of up to 80 pounds.


Elegant Design
The levers are capable enough to carry your kayak in an upright position without any issues. It will not raise the need to remove them after every use. You can also fold your racks when you are not using them.

Firm Grip
Firstly, the contact points are padded, and there is no harm to your car by getting scratches. Secondly, they have a secure and robust grip when going through a bumpy track. It also includes the straps—no need to purchase them separately.

It is one of the most appealing features we all try to find. They already come in an assembled condition which makes the installation process quicker. Take 10 minutes of your time, and it will be ready to use.

Thule Hull-A-Port Kayak Carrier

Thule racks are designed to carry medium to heavyweight kayaks. This dual J cradle roof rack is strong enough for long time use. You can load your 75 pounds canoe or fit in two kayaks of 130 pounds with this rack.


2 Kayaks in One Rack

You are going to the lakes in a group where you want more than a single kayak, but not all your friends have a rack. Do we need separate racks now? No, you can get this Thule kayak rack which can carry two kayaks on a single rooftop.

Most Thule kayak racks come in a pre-assembled way where you unbox them and install them quickly. Furthermore, another ease is of folding feature where you can fold your racks to remove the drag it puts.

Strap Catch
This strap catch makes the mounting of your kayak way easier. You can easily manage that process without damaging your car or your kayak.

HandiRack Kayak Rack

HandiRack provides a two-in-one temporary crossbar and cushioned pads. Nylon rubber pads are inflatable through the pump, and you can deflate them after use. You lash the cushion through the interior to fix it.


Easy Haul
It is the best solution for hauling your gear and luggage. They are much cheaper than those metallic or padded racks. You can mount your kayak in the summer season and also your skis in winter.

They have put enough thought into designing this fantastic rack. The aero design makes no vibration or wind sound. They are the universal roof racks whether your car has the rails.

if you doubt the durability of this rack, we must tell you that they are manufactured with 400D nylon, which has a non-abrasive quality. It also has a corrosion-resisting layer for your metallic parts.

ECOTEC Universal Kayak Carrier

This alloy steel kayak carrier is one of the most durable racks you can find. You can install them over passenger cars, vans, or SUVs. It can handle 165 pounds weight of your kayak.


Like other racks, this one is also not just limited to carrying only your kayak or canoe. You can also use them to transport your surfboards, snowboards, and skis.

The rack’s rubber base and foams keep your car and kayak safe. They are manufactured of top-notch quality, making them anti-slip with water and sun resistance.

Operating Size
These racks are capable of going with almost all kinds of factory-built rails. Except for the round ones, whether your rails are square or in an oval shape, they will adjust well.

Conclusion – what is the best kayak rack?

This is our list of the best kayak racks that you should consider. For naked roofs, it is better to get inflatable racks. You can also go for the J-style racks that carry the kayaks on their sides. Or, you can get the stacker rack when you want to bring more than one kayak. Keeping in mind your rooftop is the key to getting the right kayak rack for you.