What Is The Best Bike Rack For A Hatchback

Thule 532 FreeRide is the best bike rack for a hatchback. The bike rack hitch is another alternative for transport as bikes in the back.

They are much more expensive but very comfortable. The bike rack is anchored with a tow hook, which tilts to allow the boot to be opened even with the bikes on.

They are foldable and the only thing you have to disassemble when not in use. The drawback is we must have the hitch ball approved in the vehicle.

They block rear visibility a bit because they go higher than bike racks that anchor to the rear door.

The restrictions are the same as with the gate bike racks, but in these cases, we must when maneuvering.

We must bear in mind that the car increases its length since the support for the bicycles supposes a supplement in the rear part.

Thule 532 FreeRide

Thule is a leading brand in making safe bike racks, the Model 538 is a rooftop bike rack option, in which the bike rides upright and does not require us to remove the front wheel, as it is held by a stable frame clamp.

It should be clarified that we must have the roof bars since that is where the bicycle rack is mounted.

It adapts to 20 x 20 mm rails, and in the 24×30 mm rails, an adapter is required.

However, the bike rack includes clamps and a “T” -shaped system, making it adapt to various rail thicknesses.

Way to place

The way to place it is extremely simple, the front and rear wheel are held by micrometric buckles, similar to those used in rollers, which adapt to all wheels and hold the bike firmly, preventing it from moving or wobbling.

Both the opening and closing of the buckles are simple and fast.

The frame support is quick-closing, when lifting the lever, two clips are opened so that we can place the bike, and when the lever is lowered the clips will press the frame until it is firm.

In round frames, it adapts from 22 to 77 mm, and in oval frames with a maximum size of 65 x 80 mm.

The manual states

The manual states that we will not be able to use this mount on carbon frames, although some experts have tested it on carbon bikes and have had no problem.

What is certain is that it is not suitable to support children’s bicycles.

The clips that hold the frame have rubber bands to avoid scratches and marks, although you can choose to put some stickers on the frame and offer extra protection.

Load capacity

Its load capacity is 17 kg and the weight of the bike rack is 3.5 kg, count on this number when starting the trip.

We can place several bike racks of this type next to each other, changing the direction of the support.

So that the handlebars of the bikes do not collide with each other.

It comes pre-assembled, and the good thing is that Thule is a brand that has spare parts for its bike racks.

As it is a rooftop bike rack, if the car is very high, climbing the bike will cost us a bit. On large bikes such as Mtb, with 29-inch wheels and size XL, it does not provide a good grip.


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