You Can Install Adequate Lighting On Your Car

Yes, easily, you can install adequate lighting on your car. The simplest thing in order to avoid mounting the wrong bulb is to go to a specialized workshop to be told.

It is from this point where we can choose two ways. On the one hand, we have the best, the correct one.

But the most expensive for our pocket, and that is that our workshop offers us a range of low-beam and high-beam lights (the most common when making the change) that will vary in its price depending on the brand.

On the other hand, we have the cheapest option, which is to order them on a website that supplies them to us from China, with which we will save in our pocket, but it is likely that it is only a short-term saving.

If you appreciate your car, go the first way, since LED lights do not work in a similar way to conventional ones.

The LED lights incorporate inside a chip that needs cooling, if this cooling does not occur, the least bad thing that can happen is that we burn the headlight, while the worst thing is that the problem worsens and we end up scorching part of the electrical installation of the vehicle, so you invoice the bill for wanting to save a few euros will be very bulky.

Is it really worth installing LED lights?


Is it really worth installing LED lights?

Now that you have clear the main ideas to opt for LEDs, my personal opinion is that yes.

It really deserves it, since you will not only be extending the life of your battery and that of the alternator, but you will also substantially improve visibility when you drive at night or in adverse conditions.

Choosing to put only the lights or the complete headlight, as I have already told you, depends to a greater extent on the budget you have and, perhaps in part, on the aesthetic tastes of each one.

But at the end of the day, the two most important things is that you do it with common sense, approach your trusted workshop.

What LED lights can I install in my vehicle?

What LED lights can I install in my vehicle?

The ones that will give us the least headaches will be those for the rear optical group since by changing them correctly we will have the issue solved, we will not even need to approach the ITV to get it certified.

The issue becomes more complicated when we enter the world of the front headlight since we will have to take into account several factors.

When we decide to change the bulbs that our vehicle equips as standard for LEDs, the first thing we have to be clear about is that this is “an important reform” in the eyes of the law since we are changing the type of bulb or the headlights.

So we must go through the ITV with the previous documentation that they have had to give us to legalize our lights: Manufacturer’s Certificate of Conformity (in which it is detailed that they are approved by the European Union), Certificate of the workshop that has completed the installation and Compliance Report issued by an approval consultancy.

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