Can You Go Through A Car wash With A Roof Box

Yes, you can go through a carwash with a roof box. But be careful sometimes it could damage your car’s color.

One of the most complex elements to maintain and clean in the car is its internal upholstery, especially the roof.

This part is one of the most exposed to any type of dirt.

Just by opening the car window, the material with which it is made is exposed to a series of pollutants that over time, and if it is not kept in the proper shape, will forever dirty its structure.

Good maintenance

Roof cleaning should start with observing its structural condition. “If the ceiling is down, no work can be done. You have to repair it first ”.

When it is in normal conditions, it raises the specialist, the first thing is to use a dry or wet microfiber (not wet) and pass it in the direction of the fiber across the ceiling evenly.

Then, with the microfiber moistened in a solution of one part of the shampoo specialized for this element, and ten parts of water, the product is applied in the same direction.

Cleaning must be done with specialized products, depending on whether the material is fabric or synthetic.

In addition to the roof, the six downspouts that reach the car pillars must also be cleaned with this same solution of shampoo and water.

One way to check how clean it is is with a bucket of water and another microfiber.

This is passed and rinsed in the bucket, if the water is still very dirty it is necessary to carry out the cleaning procedure again.

Experts emphasize that it is important not to use detergent soaps used in the laundry process.

This is a soap that makes a lot of lather, and usually where it is made the stain appears on the upholstery.

If you do not have the specialized product for cleaning this fabric or the synthetic one.

You can use coconut soap, also with the cloth only damp and avoiding a large amount of foam.

So that the patches do not appear on the fabric. In addition, microfiber should always be used open to its full extent.

The general upholstery

The general upholstery
The general upholstery

In general, the maintenance and cleaning of the upholstery is a process that, whenever possible, should be carried out by experienced personnel.

In this type of materials and parts of the car, water is not a highly recommended element due to humidity problems, bad odors and the greater deterioration that occurs when it does not evaporate completely and correctly.

And in case the dirt has taken advantage, it is necessary to completely remove the affected chairs and upholstery for a deeper intervention, even down to the foam.

If the car is regularly occupied by children, the interior cleaning work should be done every two weeks on average.

If the working conditions of the car are extreme: dust, constant humidity, mud; It should be almost that weekly.

Cleaning upholstery items shouldn’t be done just for aesthetics and good looks. A clean car inside is also a better health environment for its occupants, especially in matters that affect the respiratory tract.

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